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Bengal Beauty Travels The World In Magical Style

Suki is a cat on the go, but her travels are leisurely because she’s a feline who knows how to enjoy the moment. And thanks to Suki, her family has learned to slow down the pace and enjoy the moment.

Suki Cat and Martina Gutfreund became family years ago when Martina adopted the Bengal cat. Mom and kitty quickly bonded, and Martina soon recognized what a bold kitty she had in Suki. As Bengal cats are an active breed requiring stimulation, Martina knew her sweet Suki needed adventure and the pair began leash training.

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On leash training, Martina recommended, “You want them to associate it with positive experiences, so if they have never been outside do not try to take them out on the first day. Reward them with lots of treats for wearing the harness, and only keep it on for 5-10 minutes at a time.”

But above all else, “it is so important to listen to your kitty.”

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Padding the World Leisurely on Cat Paws

Their home of Alberta, Canada, offered ideal settings for cat wanderings and soon the family started traveling the world. Suki has truly put her paws on different soil, visiting 11 European countries in just two months.

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Suki enjoys padding the globe too. Says Martina, “Croatia and the Czech Republic seemed to be Suki’s favorites. You can always tell which places excite her by how much she wants to walk, and she was an unstoppable force while we were there!”

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She also shared Suki once walked 2.5 miles before climbing into her backpack for a rest!

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During their escapades, Suki’s never in a hurry, teaching Martina and her partner to just slow down and enjoy. “Sometimes she is literally just in the mood to sit in the shade watching the birds, and that ends up being what we do!”

And there’s the magic of getting away!

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Via Instagram, Suki tells us, “This world is full of wonder, make sure you take the time to wander.”

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“It is such a joy to be able to share these experiences with your little companion. I have truly never felt a bond with a pet like I have with Suki. We are completely inseparable, and I think a lot of that comes down to building friendship and trust through travel,” said Martina.

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A Faerie Kitty Caught in Photos

Beyond their travel, Martina has found a purrfect model in Suki. Coupling her mystical eye with the Bengal beauty, Martina’s photographs create an air of magic and viewers can’t help but sigh at the sense of wonder they stir.

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When asked how she gets Suki to pose so prettily, Martina said, “Suki generally just likes to sit and take it all in, so that part is pretty easy! I also put my camera settings on high continuous shoot mode with a fast shutter speed, which makes it much easier to capture a good shot even if the moment lasted a split second.”

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Her method has proven a success as Suki’s Instagram feed is full of amazing images. And 1.8 million followers agree!

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And, if you just can’t get enough of the travel cat, she has a book on the way. Travels of Suki the Adventure Cat is available for pre-order through multiple booksellers.

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Feature Image: @sukiicat/Instagram

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