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Cat Found 8 Years Later, Crosses States for Heartwarming TN Reunion!

In September 2015, Joe and Leanna Drnec left Southern California for Knoxville, Tennessee, but their kitten Ebi wasn’t with them. Ebi had vanished earlier that year, leaving the Drnecs and their cat Eunice to face the tough realization that she might never return.

As years went by, Ebi’s whereabouts remained unknown, leaving Joe and Leanna hoping she had found another loving home. However, a surprising phone call in early 2022 reignited their hopes and brought the incredible news that Ebi was ready to be reunited with them in Tennessee.

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Photo: Riverside County Animal Services

Lost Kitten Found

Ebi, named after the Japanese word for ‘shrimp,’ was adopted by Joe and Leanna from the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center. She enjoyed her time outdoors despite being primarily an indoor cat. One day, Ebi didn’t return home, sparking the start of her mysterious disappearance.
Years later, a kind-hearted individual found Ebi near where she first went missing and brought her to a shelter where she was identified through her microchip as the Drnecs’ lost kitten.

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Photo: Riverside County Animal Services

The call from Riverside County informed Joe that Ebi was found, leaving him in disbelief. The prospect of reuniting seemed slim due to the distance, but Riverside County Animal Services and John Welsh, alongside his personal contribution and help from the Animal Solutions Konnection (ASK) Foundation, made the reunion possible.

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Ebi finally made it to Tennessee, and after some time adjusting, she will reunite with Eunice, completing the Drnec family once more. This story highlights the incredible value of microchipping pets, ensuring lost furry family members have a chance to find their way back home.

H/T: www.insideedition.com
Feature Image: Riverside County Animal Services