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Hero Soldier Battles to Save Disabled Kitten & Bring Her Home to the U.S.

In her final act of heroism overseas, an American soldier stationed in Afghanistan rescued a remarkable kitten, marking a heartwarming conclusion to her eight-year military career. Christine Bouldin, a Signals Intelligence analyst, discovered a mother cat and her kitten on Bagram Airfield, both appearing malnourished and feral. The kitten, however, caught Bouldin’s attention due to its unusual difficulty with walking, reminiscent of what Bouldin described as “kitty Parkinson’s.”

Bouldin began feeding them tuna and milk, naming the kitten Felix and gradually winning over their trust. Through her research, she learned that Felix likely had Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH), a non-progressive condition affecting motor skills, caused by the mother’s exposure to a virus during pregnancy.


After the disappearance of Felix’s mother, Bouldin’s concern for the kitten’s welfare grew. She sought help and connected with Pam Constable, an American in Kabul doing animal rescue work, who agreed to look after Felix until she could be brought to the U.S.

Bouldin entrusted Felix to a cab driver for the journey to Kabul, a moment filled with tears and worry. Under Constable’s care, Felix thrived, showcasing her affectionate nature and indomitable spirit despite her CH.


In spring 2009, Constable brought Felix to the U.S., with Bouldin covering the $2,000 expense for her fare. The reunion was joyous, as Bouldin drove from North Carolina to Virginia to welcome Felix home.

Today, Felix enjoys a loving home in Colorado with Bouldin, her husband, and Gus, a male rescue cat who has become Felix’s inseparable companion. Despite the challenges posed by her CH, Felix’s presence is a constant source of joy for Bouldin, proving that love can overcome the greatest obstacles.


Felix’s story is a testament to the power of compassion, showing how one soldier’s act of kindness changed the fate of a special needs kitten, creating a bond that spans continents.

All Photos c/o Christine Weber Bouldin via People Pets