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5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Bengal Cat

From their striking coat to their outgoing personality, Bengals are a favorite breed among many cat lovers. Although many adore them, these are most certainly not your typical house cat. These clever cats are cunningly smart, and will not be the kind of cat you won’t be able to find that’s off sleeping in a spare bedroom. Here are 5 things you didn’t know about Bengals:

1. Tricks for treats? Yes, please!

Bengals are so in demand for their owner’s attention, they are known to be one of the easiest cats to train to do tricks. Playing fetch comes simple to them, and many can even be taught how to turn a light switch on and off. But be careful not to make this too easy for them if you don’t want to deal with your lights flickering nonstop. It’s been reported that many respond well to clicker training techniques, too.

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2. Some cats may shine, but I glitter

Some Bengals possess an iridescent gene that adds an extra sparkly sheen to their coat and casts a glittery haze onto it. Although it’s difficult to photograph these “glitter” coats, they are sure to sparkle beautifully in the sunlight.

3. Leashes aren’t just for dogs

Most cats do not like the idea of being leashed, but even adult Bengals don’t mind going for a stroll with their owners. It’s suggested to use a harness as not to hurt their necks, and don’t be too surprised if they spot a bird they’d like to hunt and that wild DNA goes into overdrive. Due to their instinctual hunting abilities, it’s best to keep these cats indoors unless you want to find a number of dead small animals in your proximity. Bengals are linked back to the wild Asian leopard cat so it’s in their genetic makeup to hunt on sight.

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4. Wait, this is yours?

Bengals are notorious for being sneaky little cat burglars. If you have something that you don’t want them playing with and hiding, even jewelry, be sure to keep it in a safe and secure place so your Bengal doesn’t run off with it pretending it’s theirs.

5. Little daredevils at heart

These cats are so adventurous and athletic they can astound you with all the things they are capable of. If you happen to ignore them, which they can’t stand, you will most likely find them doing this which you’ve asked them not to just as a means to get your attention. These natural climbers love being up high and don’t be too surprised if you catch your daredevil Bengal trying to hang from your chandelier or scaling your walls. If you’re not prepared for nonstop action, then this hyperactive breed certainly isn’t for you.

Bengal Cats come in many, many unique colors and you can learn more about those here.

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Kelli Brinegar
Kelli Brinegar
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