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6 Ways To Prep Your Cat For Warmer Weather

With spring here and summer just around the corner, it’s going to start warming up outside quickly. Whether your cat goes outside regularly or stays in the house most of the day, there are special considerations to take when caring for pets in hot weather. Keeping them safe and comfortable is the top priority.

#1 – Get Grooming


During winter, many cat owners will let the long coats of their cats grow out to keep them warm and comfortable. Some owners prefer to shave their cats during summer, but that isn’t always the best option. Even long, thick coats are designed to keep your cat cool during hot weather. Regular brushing will certainly help make them more comfortable, as it removes all of the dead hair they are trying to shed. Your cat’s coat will get much thinner during the hotter months, so helping remove that excess hair will just make them comfortable faster.

#2 – Fight Fleas & Ticks


Spring and summer are gratefully welcomed by all wishing to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, but unfortunately, pests like fleas and ticks will be coming out to sunbathe with us. Even if your cat is indoors, checking to make sure they are free of fleas and ticks is important in keeping them healthy and comfortable. These pests can be dragged in on any clothing, shoes, bags, or backpacks, and if your cat does go outdoors, it’s best to use a flea and tick preventative. Both pests carry unwanted diseases and can lead to serious discomfort for your cat.

#3 – Beware of Toxic Plants


Springtime is the time for planting various plants and enjoying the garden that was covered in snow all winter long, but there are a lot of plants and flowers that are toxic to cats. Make sure that your garden and even your houseplants are cat-friendly, as toxic plants can be very deadly very quickly if your kitty decides to taste one. Plants like lilies, tulips, and oleander of all types are poisonous to cats, so be sure to keep them away.

#4 – Prevent & Treat Allergies


Spring and summer mean pollen and growing plants, which also means it’s time for allergies. Just like people, cats can suffer terrible allergies that will keep them in constant discomfort. Before treating allergies in your cat, be sure to check with your veterinarian about the best and safest options. Not only will your cat feel more comfortable, but they also won’t be scratching and chewing themselves raw and allowing possible infections to grow.

#5 – Use Non-Toxic Cleaners


Springtime means spring cleaning, but it’s important to make sure that your cleaning products are pet-friendly. Ingesting toxic cleaners can be very deadly, and many owners won’t notice signs of ingestion until it’s too late. Even if your cat isn’t able to get into the bottles and drink any dangerous liquids, walking on freshly cleaned surfaces and then licking their paws can lead to toxic levels of ingestion as well. Better to be safe than sorry and use cleaning agents that are safe for pets to be around.

#6 – Consider Sunblock


While most cats aren’t going to need any sunblock, some will. Even if your cat is mostly indoors and goes out occasionally, using sunscreens can prevent skin cancer and sunburn just like it does in people. The cats most at risk are going to be hairless and thin-coated cats like Sphynx cats and Rexes, but white cats are at a higher risk for skin problems as well. Talk with your veterinarian about what sunscreens are best for your cat and if you should consider using one.

Kelli Brinegar
Kelli Brinegar
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