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7 Cleaning Tips For Cat Parents

Cat parenting means a lot of great things, but unfortunately it also means that our homes are likely a little less clean than we’d like to admit. With cats comes fur, dander, dirt and who knows what else. Keeping our homes clean is not only important for our health, but our cats’ health too.

If you’re stuck trying to figure out how to manage the chaos of fur, dust, and litter, check out our list of cleaning tips below.

7 Ways to Keep Your House Clean with Cats

#1 – Regularly Wash Beds & Bedding

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While most people wash their own beds every 10-14 days, it’s actually recommended that it done weekly. But it’s not only your bed you need to clean every week, but your cat’s as well. Their beds collect just as much, if not more, dirt and dander and will greatly benefit from regular washing.

#2 – Brush Frequently

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Bathing your cat too often can irritate their skin and dry out their coats, causing more harm than good. Not to mention bathing cats can be a tricky adventure in and of itself. But daily to weekly brushing and combing will work wonders for you and your cat. Not only does brushing remove excess dead hair, leaving less lying around your home, it removes any dirt and dander that’s sitting on top of your cat’s coat. This will significantly decrease the amount of hair that’s found in your home as well as the dirt.

#3 – Wash Collars

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When washing your cat and their bed, don’t forget to wash their collar! Many owners don’t even think about washing their cats’ collars and some cats are wearing very dirty, very stinky ones. It’s a good idea to wash collars regularly to keep any dirt and dead hair from collecting there, as you might be surprised how much dirt will stick into cotton and nylon collars. Your cat will be more comfortable and probably smell better too.

#4 – Lint Rollers & Rubber Gloves

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A lot of cat owners go through quite a bit of lint rollers and this can get inconvenient and expensive, especially when trying to remove hair from furniture. Using a rubber glove to wipe down these areas will collect just as much hair as a lint roller does and can be cleaned off and re-used continuously. It’s a quick and easy fix when you need to remove hair on the fly and even works on clothing.

#5 – Vacuum & Sweep Regularly

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Regardless of how often you groom your cat, dead hair will collect inside your home and the best way to keep it at a minimum is to vacuum and sweep regularly. Between cat hair, tracked litter, and dust, homes with cats are no strangers to furry floors. Whatever method is best for your type of flooring, making sure it’s cleaned at least once a week will keep allergens, dirt and even fleas away. And don’t forget to vacuum your furniture too. 

#6 – Change Litter Constantly

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It’s easy for some owners to become lazy when changing the litter in their cat’s litter boxes. But keeping the odor to a minimal means scooping daily and changing the litter as soon as you notice any smell that can’t be removed by daily pick up. Your cat will thank you too, as litter boxes that aren’t kept clean enough are a common cause for cat’s relieving themselves elsewhere in the house.

#7 – Use An Air Purifier

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Using an air filter will trap any airborne dirt, dust and dander and keep your home clean and healthy. Fresh air is important in decreasing the amount of dust and dirt that builds up both inside your home and inside your lungs. Air filters made especially for pet owners work harder at eliminating allergens and are a great choice for those needing to liven things up around the house.

Kelli Brinegar
Kelli Brinegar
To say Kelli loves cats is an understatement. Ever since her parents put a cat in her crib, the feline kind have been her best friends. Now, she loves to hang out at home with her kitty clowder while reading, writing, and doing her best to keep her house plants alive.