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6 Best Cardboard Cat Carriers [2023]

Looking for the Best Cardboard Cat Carriers? Transporting your feline friend doesn’t always require a heavy or expensive carrier. Cardboard cat carriers offer an eco-friendly, affordable, and lightweight solution for those quick vet visits or short trips. In this article, we will explore the top cardboard carriers available in the market, ensuring your cat travels in comfort while keeping sustainability in mind. Let’s dive into the world of cardboard carriers and discover the best options for your kitty on the go!

1. Cardboard Pet Carriers for Small Animals

These Cardboard Pet Carriers are a convenient and affordable option for moving small animals. Made of sturdy double-wall corrugated cardboard, they are safe for live small animals and have neat and smooth edges. With ventilation holes for airflow and easy assembly without tape or glue, these carriers are a practical solution for transporting small pets in a short-term manner. However, it’s important to note that these carriers are not suitable for larger animals like grown cats or dogs.


2. Disposable Cardboard Pet Carrier 12/Case

The Disposable Cardboard Pet Carrier is a product made from special 200 lbs test white cardboard. It features strong glued joints and extra ventilation for the safety of pets. The carrier is recyclable and made from approximately 70% post consumer recycled product. It also includes a printed warning to not leave animals unattended in the carrier and comes with easy assembly instructions. The dimensions of the carrier are 17.5″L x 12.25″H x 8.75″W and it is sold in a case of 12.


3. Disposable Cardboard Pet Carrier 3 pk

The Disposable Cardboard Pet Carrier 3 pk is a convenient solution for pet owners looking to transport their cat, small dog, or puppy. The carrier is made of cardboard and features a special water-based coating that provides moisture resistance. It also includes holes for ventilation and is made of approximately 70% post-consumer recycled product, making it an environmentally-friendly option. The carrier measures 17.5″L x 15″H x 8.5″W on the outside, with an inside height of 12″H.



4. Tenceur 40 Pieces Disposable Cardboard Pet Carriers

The Tenceur 40 Pieces Disposable Cardboard Pet Carriers are designed to provide a convenient and secure way to transport small pets such as hamsters, gerbils, birds, and reptiles. Made from thick white cardboard, these carriers are durable and can withstand wear and tear. The carriers also feature ventilation to ensure your pet’s comfort during the journey. Additionally, safety warnings are imprinted on the carrier to remind pet owners to never leave their animals unattended.


5. Teling 20 Pieces Disposable Cardboard Pet Carriers

The Teling 20 Pieces Disposable Cardboard Pet Carriers are designed to provide a convenient and secure method for transporting small pets such as hamsters, gerbils, birds, and reptiles. Made from durable 200 lbs test white cardboard, these carriers are built to withstand wear and tear while ensuring your pet’s safety with strong glued joints and no staples. The carriers are easy to assemble and come with clear instructions, and the package includes 20 cases, making it a practical option for pet owners in need of a reliable transport solution.


6. Teling 30 Pack Disposable Cardboard Pet Carrier

The Teling 30 Pack Disposable Cardboard Pet Carrier is a set of 30 cardboard carriers designed for small animals such as hamsters, gerbils, and guinea pigs. The carriers have smooth surfaces and edges, making them safe for pets, and they are a convenient short-term solution for moving small pets. Made of double corrugated cardboard, the carriers are durable and sturdy, and they have a handle on top for easy carrying. This practical and easy-to-use product is suitable for travel and provides a safe way to transport small pets.


What Should I Look for When Purchasing a Cat Cardboard Carrier?

When selecting a cardboard cat carrier, it’s crucial to prioritize the safety, comfort, and ease of use for both you and your feline. Here’s what to consider:

  1. Sturdiness and Durability: The carrier should be made of thick, durable cardboard that can comfortably support your cat’s weight without collapsing.
  2. Secure Closure: Ensure the carrier has a reliable locking mechanism or closure system to prevent your cat from escaping during transport.
  3. Ventilation: Adequate airflow is essential. The carrier should have multiple openings or perforated areas to ensure your cat can breathe comfortably.
  4. Size and Space: The carrier should be spacious enough for your cat to sit, stand, and turn around, but not so large that they slide around during movement.
  5. Eco-Friendliness: Opt for carriers made from recycled or sustainable materials to reduce environmental impact.
  6. Comfort: Some carriers come with built-in padding or allow you to add a soft blanket to make the journey more comfortable for your cat.
  7. Carry Handles: Ensure the carrier has strong, ergonomic handles for easy transport.
  8. Ease of Assembly: A good carrier should be simple to assemble, preferably without the need for tape or tools.
  9. Visibility: While some cats prefer a dark space to feel secure, others might appreciate cut-outs or windows to peek through.
  10. Disposable vs. Reusable: Some cardboard carriers are designed for single use, while others can be used multiple times. Choose according to your needs and frequency of use.

By considering these factors, you can select a cardboard cat carrier that ensures a stress-free and safe experience for your feline during transportation.


Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Cardboard Carriers

1. Why would I choose a cardboard carrier over plastic or metal options?

Cardboard cat carriers are eco-friendly, lightweight, and often more affordable than their plastic or metal counterparts. They’re ideal for short trips like vet visits or emergency situations, especially if you don’t frequently travel with your cat.

2. How durable are cardboard carriers?

While cardboard carriers are sturdy enough for short trips, they’re not designed for long-term or frequent use. Their durability can vary based on the thickness and quality of the cardboard, but they’re generally best for occasional use.

3. Are cardboard carriers safe for my cat?

Yes, when used appropriately. Ensure the carrier is adequately ventilated, securely closed, and free from any potential hazards like sharp edges. Also, always monitor your cat while in the carrier.

4. Can I reuse a cardboard cat carrier?

Some cardboard carriers are designed for multiple uses, while others are more disposable in nature. If kept dry and in good condition, many cardboard carriers can be used several times.

5. Are they suitable for long journeys?

Cardboard carriers are best suited for short trips. For longer journeys, a more durable and robust carrier made of plastic or metal is recommended.

6. How do I assemble a cardboard carrier?

Most cardboard carriers come flat-packed and can be assembled easily by folding along pre-marked lines. Instructions are typically provided, and usually, no tools are needed.

7. Can cardboard carriers get wet?

Cardboard is not waterproof, so it’s crucial to keep the carrier dry. If it becomes wet, it can lose its structural integrity, making it unsafe for transporting your cat.

8. Is there a weight limit for these carriers?

Yes, each carrier should specify its weight limit. Always check this before purchasing to ensure it’s suitable for your cat’s size and weight.

9. Do cardboard carriers provide enough ventilation for my cat?

Good-quality cardboard carriers should have adequate ventilation holes or slots. Always ensure the carrier allows for sufficient airflow for your cat’s safety and comfort.

10. Can I customize or personalize a cardboard carrier?

Many cat owners decorate or personalize their cardboard carriers with drawings, stickers, or names. As long as the modifications don’t compromise the carrier’s integrity or safety, customizing can be a fun way to make the carrier unique!

Final Summary: The Best Cardboard Cat Carriers

In this article, we reviewed the Best Cardboard Cat Carriers. These carriers are an eco-friendly, lightweight option for transporting your feline companion. While they might not replace hard-shelled carriers for long-term use, they serve well for short trips or emergency situations. Selecting the right cardboard carrier ensures safety and comfort for your cat while also being mindful of the environment. We hope our guide has provided clarity, helping you make an informed decision for your pet’s next journey. Safe travels!