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CattyCorner: What Is Silver Vine?

Greetings, my pawsome human minions.

Several years back, in my street days, I had a tabby buddy who loved catnip. And not just an occasional sniff here and there, but more snorting and licking it up at every chance he could.

He was a real niphead that one. But one of the most solid furiends a cat could have. I miss him, but the memories of stomping the old colony with him are with me forever.

Like the time he shared the tail of his first silver vine experience with me.

silver vine stick cats

Good-Time Tabby

He ranted and raved, rolling and pawing at the air, remembering the feeling of it. He said silver vine was better than any of the catnip he’d ever had, even the organic stuff, fresh off the plant.

I was skeptical. I’ve eaten my fair share of fresh catnip plants and that stuff is good.

But then, a couple of years later, when I’d been taken in by the shelter, I got my chance at silver vine. One of the volunteers brought some in, and I quickly realized then my buddy hadn’t been exaggerating. The stuff was mind-blowing!

silver vine cat high

I bring it up now because I overheard my mom on the phone with a friend. She mentioned something about ordering silver vine, and the delivery should only take a couple of days. Meaning, when the little striped truck rolls up, there’s going to be a box in there just for me.

If I were a kitten, I might run circles around the living room and take a trip up the drapes. Being the dignified adult cat I am, I’m just going to keep calm until it arrives though. Save my silliness for the silver vine.

silver vine stick cats

But for all my chatter about this amazing plant probably has you humans asking, “Forrest, what is silver vine?”

What is Silver Vine?

First thing to know, cat-safe silver vine is a vine plant in the kiwifruit family. Humans, you know what these are, but for the kitties, kiwis are those little brown, furry fruits with green meat inside.

silver vine plant

If you come across the silver vine in its plant form, my cat friends, you’ll probably want to put your paws in the twisty, leafy vine. Once you bite on those leaves, you’re in for a good time.

And that good time is going to last longer than a catnip high too. Instead of catnip’s roughly ten minutes, silver vine effects can last for up to half an hour! That’s a lot of intense fun and once my delivery gets here, I’m gonna give my stuffed bird toy a good beating.

silver vine cat toy

Cats can expect to feel much the same as they would sniffing or eating catnip, but in stronger fashion as silver vine creates a more potent reaction.

Plus, cats who don’t react to catnip might fall for the silver vine instead. A win for cats with genetic catnip tolerance.

silver vine cats

But, I’m not sure what form my silver vine will arrive in. Cat parents can get silver vine in sticks or dried bits like catnip. There’s even silver vine scented cats toys too.

The sticks are pretty great too. Beyond the silly effects, chewing the stick is good for our teeth. Helps keep the fangs pearly white.

silver vine sticks cat teeth

Remember though, after a good session of silver vine playtime, hunger will strike, so don’t forget to feed the cat.


cat rolling playing

Featured Images: @mycupofchacha/Instagram & @meowyjanes/Instagram

Kelli Brinegar
Kelli Brinegar
To say Kelli loves cats is an understatement. Ever since her parents put a cat in her crib, the feline kind have been her best friends. Now, she loves to hang out at home with her kitty clowder while reading, writing, and doing her best to keep her house plants alive.