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      I wish that I knew for certain if I had 2 Bengals. I read articles all the time about Bengals and their behavior, characteristics, etc… My male certainly has a lot of the behaviors that I’ve read about. However, I can’t post his picture here because I’m having trouble with the add media button. Is there any other way to upload a picture of him so that I can possibly get an answer?

      Thank you

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      I’m having trouble with add media button also, can’t show my Kat off either ????????? any one else ???

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      Can you try “add media” again? I just tried on Firefox and it works now.

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      Hello I am new here and I could not start my own thread so I’m replying here instead. I live in Kolkata,India. My sister has always been fond of cats and recently our grandmother told her that she could keep one, she wants a Bengal kitten, I have contacted every pet dealer in the city and no one was able to help me. So I asked an aunt of mine and she directed me here. Can anyone help me acquire a Bengal kitten for my litte sister??

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      Tommy Thomas

      I am still in researching stage about this kind of breed, I need to think a lot of pro and cons if I really need to take care of the Bengal cat, as a busy person, I think it might be hard to own a Bengal cat, only got time during the weekend. The stray cat I own it much easier to handle, they can take care of themselves whenever I am not around.

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