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      Kat Knapp and I have been best friends for 54 weeks now , I could not asked for a better companion, she’s the cats meow and pajamas all in one. She just got spayed 2days ago, so she’s not to happy, cone on her head and all, but she’s taking it in stride. She loves to look out the window and watch the birds, so I installed a cage outside the kitchen window so she can go out and bird watch, she loves it. Also made her a multi level jungle Jim indoors, she likes to be up high plus it’s warmer up there.. so hug your cat and find peace from within your inner feline..chris Knapp

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      Laurent Jaccard

      What a lucky kitty! You spoiled her rotten! Keep us posted and don’t be shy to put pics on the wall! I’m sure other people might find inspiration to do the same!!!

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