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      Familia Gonzalez

      I’ll try this again. My name is JR, and I recently (a week ago…) adopted a six; soon to be seven years old Bengal. I’m new to this breed, and basically a dog person. However, I got Max for my wife, but it seems like I’ve become Max’s best friend! He had a rough two days, in that I have a 2.5 Chorky who was harrasing him… However, today he’s behaving like he’s been here his whole life! As I mentioned earlier, I’ve never had a Bengal and hoping to learn from you guys… Max came from a breeder in the U.K. and has some fancy pedigree paperwork, but it wouldn’t matter if he didn’t have any… I do have a question. The first owner told me he is 9th generation. His paperwork only shows his parents name, grandparents etc. How can I find out more about Max family tree? He’s a beautiful cat, and I dare say I’m now a cat person!


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      Laurent Jaccard

      Well I’m very happy to hear that Max is setteling in well! It’s harder for an older cat to get used to a new environment, so you guys must be his forever family! As per your question about the family tree, did you try and contact the breeder? The old owner must have some documentation or contact information.
      Hope this helps! And good luck!

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