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      Mart Gardner

      This last summer our older cat Admiral Spits made his last climb to new heights. he will be missed. That same day, we went out looking for a new cat to join our family. After a long day and stopping by all the shelters in the area, we came to the last one. That’s where we found a little gray 1.9 lbs. Kitten. Sick and yet trying with all she had to show that she had love and play. I fell in love right then, but Glenna took a little longer but came to the same idea that I did. This was our new cat.

      [caption id="attachment_2583" align="aligncenter" width="475"]Suri, on the way home from the Shelter, her first car ride. Suri, on the way home from the Shelter, her first car ride.[/caption]

      As Glenna was filling out the adoption papers, I called our vet and set up a visit for her the next day. She had head congestion and was too small and sick to get any more vaccination. So her new vet gave her some vitamin B and a strong antibiotic plus some take at home antibiotic. The following week, we returned to the vet. She was a little stronger but was sneezing a lot. She was down to 1.7 lbs now. The vet gave her two more injections, this time she did not like it, and let them know. By the following week, the sneezing had stopped and she was running and playing like a kitten.

      Now for the real surprise. Up to this point, we thought we had a simple gray tabby cat that likes to go for car rides and walk on a leash. I leash train all my cats, but she took to it fast. We were at the local Pet-Smart Glenna was walking her in the door, when one of the vets or aid’s said “What a cute cat! What kind is it?” I replied “A gray tabby”. She then surprised me with “Are you sure? She looks more like a Bengal.” I have wanted a Bengal cat for many years, but just never had the money to buy one.

      [caption id="attachment_2586" align="aligncenter" width="475"]Suri, the Bengal cat in her new home and loving it. Suri, the Bengal cat in her new home and loving it.[/caption]

      The next day I spent all day reading everything on the Internet I could about Bengal Cats, and how to know if you have one. Each time I read what to look for, I found it on her. I even took photos of her left side and right side to make sure her markers were not symmetrical. After a long day, it came down to YES, WE HAVE A BENGAL! Wow…

      The bottom line, we got a nice little bangle for $30 at a local shelter. Not saying anything about the $300 we gave the vet to get her healthy.

      Today she rules the house, the older cat Smudge is getting to like her too. She just a little too much energy for Smudge to deal with all the time.

      This is the story of Suri (Named by the shelter).

      [caption id="attachment_2587" align="aligncenter" width="475"]Suri and I on the road, doing what she loves to do. If it's not nap time. Suri and I on the road, doing what she loves to do. If it’s not nap time.[/caption]

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      Lovely story Mart! She’s so lucky to have crossed paths with you in this lifetime. Suri looks like she’s being very well taken care of.

      Thank you for sharing this rescue story with us!

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      Definitely an amazing ending and beginning!

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      Laurent Jaccard

      What a heartwarming story! I’m so happy to hear that you found such a beauty! I hope she gives you many years of love and memories xoxoxo

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