Bengal Cat Videos

Tons of funny and educative Bengal cat videos from YouTube or submitted by their owners. Watch videos of Bengals doing what they do best: swimming, talking, doing cat tricks or showing off their climbing and jumping acrobatics!

Bengal Mom Nursing 4 Kittens

Bengal Mom Nursing Her 4 Kittens

Watch a happy Bengal cat mother feeding her four kittens. This blue-eyed snow Bengal cat named Lunaa is lovingly taking care of her 6-week-old...
Bengal Kittens On A Slide Video

This Video Of Bengal Kittens On A Slide Will Melt Your Heart

 Everyone who lives with a Bengal knows how smart and active they are. There isn’t a place in your home that they won’t investigate...
F1 Bengal Stealing Socks from Washing Machine

F1 Bengal Won’t Quit Stealing Socks from Washing Machine

If you have or have had a baby Bengal then you know they can be quite a challenge. Their puppy-like energy and behaviour create...
Bengal Kitten Yoda Look-alike getting head massage

Cute Bengal Kitten Getting A Relaxing Head Massage

This adorable Bengal Kitten is getting a relaxing head massage from his owner while laying on his lap with his belly up. At times,...
Various Noises and Sounds Bengals Make

Various Noises & Sounds Bengals Make On A Daily Basis

Bengals don't meow quite like other cats. They aren't particularly talkative, as if they were constantly commenting on your life but they have a...
Bengal Takes A Swing At Golf Using Her Tail

Bengal Takes A Swing At Golf Using Her Tail

 Remember Mia, the "The Chicken Thief" from The Pet Meadow Crew? She certainly is a prime example of a playful, athletic and extremely agile...
Snow Bengal Kittens Falling Asleep Sitting Up

Snow Bengal Kittens Falling Asleep Sitting Up

If you have ever fallen asleep at work, or nodded off at dinner you will likely understand what these adorable Snow Bengal kittens are...
Two Bengal cats fascinated by bidet

Two Bengals Fascinated By Bidet’s Random Spurts Of Water

Most cat owners dread bath time with their four-legged friends. And why wouldn’t they? Most cats hate water, so the instant they realize that...