Bengal Cat Videos

Tons of funny and educative Bengal cat videos from YouTube or submitted by their owners. Watch videos of Bengals doing what they do best: swimming, talking, doing cat tricks or showing off their climbing and jumping acrobatics!

Cat jumps to incredible heights

Cat Jumps To Incredible Heights From A Total Standstill

Bengals can jump higher than most breeds but who would win if a Bengal cat had to compete against the current world record holder...
Roxy the Bengal Cat singing the blues.

Roxy the Bengal Cat Singing the Blues

I am a follower on Facebook and wanted to share my video because I think it’s amazing and adorable. This is my husband playing...
Bengal cat on a surfboard

This Video Of A Bengal Riding On A Surfboard Is Absolutely Amazing

One of the most unique Bengal quirks is their love for water. These wild looking kitties can often be seen sneaking around the sinks...
Bengal Kitten Yoda Look-alike getting head massage

Cute Bengal Kitten Getting A Relaxing Head Massage

This adorable Bengal Kitten is getting a relaxing head massage from his owner while laying on his lap with his belly up. At times,...
Hello Adele cat parody

Hello, It’s An Adele Cat Parody!

Katherine and Naomi Thorne, Realtors in Marin County, CA created this hilarious music video parody of Adele’s “Hello” that will be sure to...
Boomer Playing In The Ball Pit

Boomer Playing In The Ball Pit

Boomer is an adorable Silver Bengal kitten who is owned by renowned dog trainer, Robert Dollwet. While Robert is known for his exceptional...
Bengal Cat Sisters Hunt A Robotic Fish Video

Bengal Cat Sisters Hunt A Robotic Fish In This Adorable Video

Although most felines are afraid of water and try their best to avoid any contact with it, Bengal cats are truly an exception to...
Various Noises and Sounds Bengals Make

Various Noises & Sounds Bengals Make On A Daily Basis

Bengals don't meow quite like other cats. They aren't particularly talkative, as if they were constantly commenting on your life but they have a...