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      Hey there! I’m a new cat Mom and I’m looking for some advice. My kitten Mako is going through just a horrid bratty phase. She’s got a good understanding of the word “no” and its consequences, she just…doesn’t seem to care?

      Her worst behavioral problem is her near obsession with climbing window screens and blinds. I have put tape on them and she gets squirted with a spray bottle and removed when she does it. But within the past few days, she won’t stop climbing them no matter what I do. How do I get her to understand that that behavior is absolutely unacceptable?

      The other behavioral problem of hers I’m slightly less worried about but would like tips on all the same. She seems to adore using any and all of my limbs as scratching posts. Now I understand that scratching is just a cat thing, and that wrestling is very much so a kitten behavior, but she has a scratching post (she’s getting more but she’s currently confined mostly to my room, we have 120 pound Leonberger who adores Mako, but doesn’t understand that she needs her space) and a surplus of toys to wrestle with. At this rate my feet are going to be permanently scarred from her little Thumper Butt behaviors.

      Any and all tips would be more than greatly appreciated.

      Thanks for your time,

      Sam and Mako

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      I would get a tower for her that she can climb and scratch on- or get her declawed. One of the best mousers I ever had was declawed- but if she is an inside cat it wont really matter- my other little guy is also declawed and he can still get us with his teeth and back claws when we play- so they aren’t terribly defenseless. Cats with or without claws don’t typically fair well in a dog fight….good luck :)

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      Sue Williams

      Declawing is never a good answer. Lots of play is usually what solves Bengal behavior problems.

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      Laurent Jaccard

      I agree with Sue, declawing is never a good solution. You can get claw cover on Amazon(CA and they work really well. You could also trim her nails every once in awhile. A nice tower and patience will pay off she will grow out of it as long as you keep her stimulated. A bord Bengal is a trouble maker!
      Keep us posted!
      Good luck!

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