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      My cat of 17 years,Tiger, passed away a month ago and I’ve been a mess. Today my mom surprised me with telling me how this little girl is mine. She won’t be ready to come home until February 12th so my mom figured I’ll at least have another 2 months to heal. My cat was a male orange and white, very handsome, sweet, amazing guy. She knew I always wanted a Bengal kitten and you can’t get a cat that looks any more different from my boy than a Bengal and going with a girl instead of a boy bc Tiger will always be my boy. I will always love Tiger and will always get sad when I think of him but I now have something to look forward to and can continue healing.

      Anyway, I need some help with name suggestions for this little girl. So far my list consists of: Nala, Saroya, and Akeela. I like unique names, especially African names, but I’m also very interested in Harry Potter related names as well!

      Thank you in advance! I look forward to any suggestions!

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      Mart Gardner

      Read my post “This is Suri, our new Bengal” I just posted. Our cat that passed this last summer was a big yellow and white well-loved cat too.
      OK as I was reading your post, the name RIBBONS came to my mind. She is like a little gift that you can unwrap until Feb. Another name I was thinking of is STORM her markings look like little storm clouds floating in the sky.

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      Laurent Jaccard

      Dear KMarshal1990;
      I want to offer you my deepest sympathies for your loss. It’s not easy to lose a pet, certainly one that you’ve had for such a long time. I too– lost my soul mate of 19 years this past August. There isn’t a single day that passes that I don’t think of her, she has left me with a cat shaped hole inside my heart. You can’t replace what you have lost–neither can I, you just have to remember the bond you guys shared and appreciate all the love and joy that he brought to you. Getting another cat is creating a new love and a new bond that I hope will last you a very long time. As per the subject of names I was thinking Smokey or lightning. Smokey, for she is bringing a new chapter into your life and the smoke from the pain will settle and you can move forward. Lightning, for you have to think of the silver lining, yes it’s the greatest pain to lose someone you love, but now you get to create a new love a new bond and a new story with your new baby. I hope this helps.
      Keep us posted.

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      I really like your suggestions! And thank you guys. It’s been a long year. He had a benign mass on his liver and we finally started getting his liver enzymes under control in September and then October this time, it was Cancer and it came full force. My selfish side had him wait until November 1st bc my birthday is October 28. He held on until that moment with him in my arms at the Vet. That moment is imprinted on my mind and my heart physically hurts everytime I think about it. He was such a fighter and I’m so so thankful for the amazing 17 years he gave me! When my mom showed me this little girls pictures and told me she was mine while she was holding back tears I burst into tears myself. She’s been my rock this past month and this was such a surprise and such an amazing surprise. I can’t wait to meet this little girl, she was born November 20th and we get to go meet her when she’s 4 weeks old so soon! I’m going to cry when I meet her lol. I really appreciate your kind words, and your awesome suggestions. I’ll definitely have to post more pictures as we get updates from the breeder as well as when I choose a name!

      Thank you

      ps. Tiger is my profile picture, he was such a handsome cat and so so truly amazing.

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      Your post made me shed tears. I can totally relate. I lost my little girl two days before my birthday (also from Cancer) and she was a fighter as well. Thank you for sharing your story!


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        I’m so sorry, She’s absolutely gorgeous <3

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      For the names, I like:

      AYANA: Beautiful flower (Ethiopian)
      NAGINI, sounds African and is Harry Potter related

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      These were taken Monday, December 19th.

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        So adorable!!! So, she’s 4 weeks old now, right?

        What name did you end up going with?

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        Yup, she’s a month old now! We were hoping to meet her last Sunday when she turned 4 weeks old but we had to go down south for a funeral so we’re hoping sometime during the week.

        I still haven’t decided on a name but I actually might be going with Nala but I’m not making a final decision until we pick her up in February.

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      Elizabeth Schulz

      Because their bloodline comes from the Asian Leopard cat what about the name Akemi which stands for beautiful sunrise. She is your new beginning.

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      Laurent Jaccard

      What a sweetie! She looks purrfect! Keep us posted xoxo

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      Sanura ancient Egyptian for baby kitten.

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