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How to Feed Your Bengal Cat Diet

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you have a Bengal cat (or any cat for that matter), then I’m sure it is important to you to keep your kitty as happy as can be. It is likely that you want your Bengal to have a long life, minimal visits to the vet, minimal health issues, minimal behavioral issues, and to be a thriving being in your home.

One of the things you can do to keep your Bengal happy and healthy is to feed him a healthy diet.

What makes for a healthy diet?

Most animals are healthiest when their diet mimics what they would eat in the wild. Simply put, cats are carnivores. They eat meat, not plants. The problem with this, is that when we bring cats into our homes, it isn’t exactly desirable to bring in live rodents for them to kill and eat. Instead, many cat owners feed their cats a diet consisting of commercial cat food.

What’s wrong with most commercial cat foods?

While commercial cat food is very practical, easy, and even recommended by most veterinarians, most of it is far from what Bengals would eat in the wild. While cats eat meat in the wild, most commercial cat foods that are available in stores contain a high percentage of grains, fruits, vegetables, preservatives, food coloring, artificial flavors and other ingredients that a cat would not naturally eat. This poses some serious health risks including obesity, diabetes, urinary tract issues, and many more.

Practical guide to a healthy diet for your Bengals

Bengal Cat Love VideosIf you want to feed your Bengal a healthy diet but don’t want to let rodents roam free in your home for your Bengal to kill (I don’t blame you!), then I would like to shed some light on some alternatives.

I have created a multi­part series to raising happy & healthy Bengals called Bengal Cat Love and I would like to share the first video in the course for free which is all about feeding your Bengals a diet that will allow them to thrive.

In this video I will give you LOADS of information on how to feed your Bengal, the importance of feeding them a healthy diet, share the the recipe I use to prepare a raw cat food for my Bengals that is easy, affordable and convenient, as well as some information to help you pick the healthiest cat food if you are feeding your Bengal a commercial diet.


DISCLAIMER: I am not a veterinarian so what I have to share in this video is not a substitute for professional advice. I’m simply sharing my experiences about what works for my Bengals :)

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Alyssa is a bengal cat owner and lover of 3+ years. Her two brown marbled Bengal boys are Malek and Nikolai. She is passionate about helping others give their Bengals the happiest, healthiest lives possible, and enjoys making fun YouTube videos while doing so!