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Watch: Sleepy Dog’s Toot & Cat’s Hilarious Rebuttal Takes the Internet by Storm!

While a pet owner was capturing a serene moment of his beloved pets, he filmed a scene that was both peaceful and everyday: his dog was fast asleep on the bed, and the cat was comfortably settled nearby. It was a normal, quiet setting until something completely unexpected happened, catching everyone by surprise.

dog and cat playful story1Image/Story Source Credit: The Paw via YouTube Video

There are certain things our bodies do that we just can’t control, and sometimes these lead to moments we’d rather not happen. Take flatulence, for example: it’s a completely natural bodily function, but it can provoke very different reactions. Some people are really put off by it, while others might laugh it off as something funny.

In the footage, it’s clear that the cat is not at all amused by the idea of flatulence. You might think that animals, mainly driven by instinct, wouldn’t be bothered by these involuntary actions. It’s not common to see a pet getting upset over another fulfilling its natural needs, like going to the bathroom or drinking water.

However, this cat is an exception, showing a clear dislike for anything related to flatulence.

dog and cat playful story2Image/Story Source Credit: The Paw via YouTube Video

As the dog was deep in sleep, a quiet release of gas happened without him being aware of it at all.

While some might ignore or find humor in such natural events, the cat in this story clearly shows its displeasure towards the sound or smell of flatulence. This cat makes no effort to hide its annoyance, reacting in a way that can only be described as remarkable. You can see this unforgettable reaction for yourself.

Click the video below to watch this amazing story unfold!

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Justin Palmer
Justin Palmer
Justin Palmer is the co-founder of BengalCats and iHeartCats.com. He is a cat dad to Rocky.