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Woman Drives For Days To Rescue a Kitten She Can’t Stop Thinking About

In a remarkable story of rescue, care, and reunion, a tiny kitten named Candy Corn, along with her siblings, found a new lease on life thanks to the efforts of volunteers and animal shelters across states. Initially rescued and cared for in Pensacola, Florida, Candy Corn and her littermates were given temporary shelter and necessary medical attention. Their journey from a precarious beginning to hopeful futures was facilitated by dedicated individuals committed to animal welfare.

The kittens’ early days were spent under the watchful care of Amy, a volunteer at the Escambia shelter, who fostered them until they were ready for the next step in their journey. Candy Corn, even as a kitten, displayed a unique personality, marked by her affectionate nature and a preference for human companionship, often seen climbing onto Amy’s shoulders and eagerly following her around.

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The time soon came for Candy Corn and her siblings to be transferred to the Providence Animal Center in Pennsylvania, a move aimed at finding them permanent homes. The departure was emotionally challenging for Amy, who had developed a deep bond with Candy Corn. In Pennsylvania, under the care of another volunteer, Linny Hermanson, Candy Corn’s affectionate behavior and her preference for human interaction over food became even more evident.

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Despite the distance and time apart, Amy’s connection to Candy Corn remained strong. Driven by a deep sense of longing, Amy made the decision to adopt Candy Corn. The reunion, awaited with bated breath, was nothing short of heartwarming. Candy Corn’s recognition of Amy and their immediate reconnection underscored the enduring nature of their bond.

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Back in her initial home, Candy Corn adapted quickly, revisiting her favorite spots, toys, and, most importantly, reestablishing her place by Amy’s side. This story, touching and inspiring, serves as a powerful reminder of the profound connections that can be forged between humans and animals. It celebrates the dedication of those who work tirelessly to ensure the welfare of animals and the beautiful outcomes that such efforts can produce.

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Justin Palmer
Justin Palmer
Justin Palmer is the co-founder of BengalCats and iHeartCats.com. He is a cat dad to Rocky.