This Bengal cat has over eight million viewers, thanks to his curiosity. He’s trying to test if the pool cover can handle his weight, but unfortunately, his paws sink every time he does it. But Bengal cat curiosity isn’t so easily deterred.

Hold your breath and watch as this daredevil kitty keeps trying to walk on water over and over again. At one point, even his spotted buddy has to stop and check out his purrrsistence. You’ll be amazed by this cat’s determination, too! We also think you’ll find him quite adorable as well!

This fierce feline isn’t afraid of the water, proving he’s one cool cat. :) For more cute cat videos, check out Kittycattube Kitty on YouTube and enjoy watching this brave Bengal cat experience more backyard nature fun. But don’t worry, this cutie’s parents are always close at paw!

Feature Image: Kittycattube Kitty/YouTube