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$25K in Brain Surgeries for Cat, Her Value to Family Priceless

At just six months, Princess the cat was in a dire state, found famished at Jack’s Point in Queenstown, New Zealand. Her rescuers knew she needed immediate care and took her to Timaru’s Family Vet. Upon examination, they discovered Princess was not only malnourished but visually impaired, which affected her mobility and sense of distance.

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Timaru’s Family Vet/Givealittle

At the vet’s office, Princess found a new home and a friend in Pearl, another clinic cat. However, her health journey took a critical turn when she began experiencing severe seizures, prompting an urgent need for specialized care despite the high costs involved.

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Timaru’s Family Vet/Givealittle

An MRI revealed a large cyst in Princess’s brain, necessitating surgery that would cost between $10,000 and $15,000. Thanks to a successful fundraiser, Princess underwent a critical operation to alleviate the pressure on her brain, marking the beginning of her recovery.

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Timaru’s Family Vet/Givealittle

Despite needing a second operation to fully address her condition, Princess proved resilient, and after $25,000 spent on her health, she emerged seizure-free.

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For the Timaru’s Family Vet team, the financial cost was never a barrier; Princess had become an invaluable part of their family. Now, she not only enjoys her days as a beloved clinic cat but also serves as a comforting presence for other patients, proving the immeasurable worth of compassion and care.

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Timaru’s Family Vet/Givealittle

Princess’s journey from a struggling stray to a cherished member of the Timaru vet family highlights the transformative power of love, dedication, and medical science.

Feature Image: Timaru’s Family Vet/Facebook & Timaru’s Family Vet/Givealittle