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Lost Cat Reunites With Houseboat Family After a Decade’s Adventure

Big Ginge, a cat accustomed to life along the canals of Birmingham, UK, found himself on an unexpected journey that lasted a decade. Raised on a houseboat with his family, including his brother Diesel and mom Weasel, Big Ginge was no stranger to adventure. However, during a trip 25 miles from home to Fradley Junction, Big Ginge’s curiosity led him astray, and he didn’t return to the boat. His disappearance left his human companions, Colin Clayton and Eva Bellamy, heartbroken but hopeful for his return.

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After an exhaustive search and an extended stay in the area, Colin and Eva had to face the reality of leaving without Big Ginge. Registered as missing on his microchip, they held onto hope that someday he would be found.

Fast forward ten years, and a call from Cats Protection Lichfield & Tamworth Branch revealed that Big Ginge, now known as Marmalade by the locals, had been living as a stray in Lichfield. Efforts by the branch’s Welfare Team Leader, Sue Hocknell, to trap him for a microchip scan finally paid off, unveiling his true identity and reuniting him with his long-lost family.

ginge home
Photo: Cats Protection

Upon Big Ginge’s return, Colin and Eva were overjoyed to see him adapt quickly back to boat life, cozying up and reclaiming his place within the family. Despite his adventures and the mystery of his decade-long absence, Big Ginge was in good health, with the vet addressing minor issues and confirming many happy years ahead.

Now settled back home, Big Ginge enjoys the company of his dog siblings, Mutley and Misty Moo, aboard the boat, showing no desire to wander off again. His story serves as a powerful testament to the value of microchipping pets, ensuring lost animals have a chance to be reunited with their families, no matter how much time has passed.

Welcome back, Big Ginge, your incredible journey highlights the enduring bond between pets and their families and the miracles made possible through microchipping.

H/T: www.news.sky.com
Feature Image: www.cats.org.uk