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Rescued Kittens Cling to Their Savior, Following Him Everywhere

In the picturesque setting of Tuscany, artist Caleb found himself accompanied by two inseparable feline friends he rescued. These kitties have grown so fond of Caleb that they stick to him relentlessly, sharing every moment, whether he’s getting his daily exercise or just relaxing at home.

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The story of their union began when their mother cat left them behind. Caleb, moved by their plight, took them in from the cold, offering warmth and comfort. He spent countless hours on the couch with them, fostering a bond so strong that the kittens now view him as their guardian and guide.

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Wherever Caleb goes, his feline companions are sure to follow, even joining him on his artistic ventures into town. Their presence has become a familiar and beloved sight to locals and visitors alike, with no formal training needed—just mutual love and respect between Caleb and his cats. These adventurous souls even enjoy rides on a scooter!

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As Caleb strolls through the streets with his kittens perched on his shoulders, they capture the hearts of everyone they meet. For a glimpse into their charming world, watch the video below and share their heartwarming story!

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