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7 Things Only Bengal Cat Owners Understand

These spotted kitties are truly one of a kind! To know them is to love them and if you have one in your life you would never be able to imagine a life without them in it. While all have amazing spots and big green eyes, there are some testaments that Bengal cat owners can all agree on. Here’s our fun list of 7 things only Bengal cat owners understand:

1. This is not the type of cat that likes to be left alone for a long period of time

5516695228_0c3a9caefb_zSource: Nacho Castejón Martínez via Flickr

2. Yes, your cat is a tad wild

2448784709_3f704866de_zSource: Roberto Shabs via Flickr

3. They give a new meaning to “vocal” kitties

7126065453_735d97d4fe_zSource: Chris via Flickr

4. Yes, your cat is “glittery”

2308642374_86abf7fc7e_z-4Source: Sean McGrath via Flickr

5. You’ve never seen acrobatic jumps like this cat can do

2540855189_9a26700951_zSource: Roberto Shabs via Flickr

6. The countertop is meant to be jumped on–at least in your cat’s mind!

7126093933_d3eef223f0_zSource: Chris via Flickr

7. Your Cat WILL NOT Be Ignored

6840048769_729bf3bb77_zSource: Francis Luong via Flickr

Kelli Brinegar
Kelli Brinegar
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