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13 Best Cat Towers [2023]

Looking for the Best Cat Towers? Every feline enthusiast knows the importance of providing their cat with a space of their own. Cat towers not only offer a fun play area but also give cats an elevated perch to observe their surroundings. In this guide, we’ll dive into the top cat towers available, ensuring your kitty has the perfect place to lounge, scratch, and play. Whether you have a curious kitten or a lounging senior, the right cat tower can make all the difference in their happiness and well-being. Let’s explore the best options together!


1. KZLAA Heavy Cat Tree Cat Tower with 12cm

The KZLAA Heavy Cat Tree Cat Tower is a multi-level cat furniture designed for scratching, climbing, sleeping, and exercising. It is made of eco-friendly boards and natural sisal scratching posts, ensuring quality and durability. The cat tree features a removable and washable cat bed and a lively, innovative design that can easily complement any room decor. It also comes with reinforced posts wrapped in natural sisal rope for cats to sharpen their claws without damaging furniture. The product is sturdy and easy to install, with a reinforced base and thickened screws for added stability.



2. MAU 73″ Tall Modern Cat Tree Scratching Tower for Large Cats

The MAU 73″ Tall Modern Cat Tree Scratching Tower is a high-quality and sturdy cat tree designed for large cats weighing up to 18 pounds. It features replaceable and machine-washable cushions, making it easy to clean. The tree is made to last for years and replacement parts can be purchased for any part of the tree. Its unique design with hand-woven wicker baskets adds to the aesthetics of your home. Additionally, the product comes with a 1-year warranty and a 45-day risk-free trial.



3. AGILE 74″ Tall Wood Cat Tower Tree Wall

The AGILE 74″ Tall Wood Cat Tower Tree is a sturdy and long-lasting cat tree made of real pine plywood, perfect for larger cats. It is wall anchored for maximum stability, with a straightforward anchoring process and all hardware included. This cat tree also features a massive scratching post, multiple climbing platforms, and a comfortable square bed cushion for your cat’s enjoyment. Additionally, it has a beautiful design that will complement any room in your home and is easy to clean with removable and washable cushions.



4. PAWZ Road Cat Tree 32 Inches Cactus Cat Tower

The PAWZ Road Cat Tree is a unique and elaborate cactus-shaped cat tower that offers multiple functions for your furry friend. It features a fully sisal-covered scratching post and 3 rest spots for climbing and playing. The cat tower also includes a private and cozy condo, plush perches, and fluffy balls for added comfort and entertainment. The construction is sturdy and the plush covering is soft and durable. The product is easy to install and comes with excellent customer service.



5. Heybly Cat Tree, Cat Tower for Indoor Cats

The Heybly Cat Tree is a multi-level cat furniture condo designed for indoor cats. It features two spacious and well-padded top perches, making it suitable for families with multiple cats. The cat tree also includes a wide scratching board to satisfy cats’ natural instinct to grind their claws and protect furniture. Stability is ensured with a reinforced base, sisal-wrapped scratch posts, and anti-toppling devices. The structure of the cat tree is designed to accommodate cats’ climbing habits, with a springboard to assist cats of all ages in climbing up and down. Additionally, a hanging basket provides a cozy spot for cats to relax.



6. Yaheetech 54in Cat Tree Tower Condo Furniture

The Yaheetech 54in Cat Tree Tower Condo Furniture Scratch Post for Kittens Pet House Play is a multi-level cat tree made of quality materials such as particle board and plush covering. It features hideaway houses, sisal rope posts for scratching, and top perches for lounging and observation. The tree is sturdy and stable, with anti-toppling fittings for added security. It also includes two interactive fur balls for extra entertainment. With easy assembly and an attractive design, this cat tree can be a nice addition to any room.



7. Feandrea WoodyWonders Cat Tree with Litter Box Enclosure

The Feandrea WoodyWonders Cat Tree with Litter Box Enclosure is a 2-in-1 modern cat tower that seamlessly combines style and function. It features a greige and white design that effortlessly complements most home styles. The cat tree provides cats with a dedicated space to climb, observe, scratch, and groom, with multiple levels, a top perch, scratching posts, and a self-groomer. The cushions are well-padded and removable for easy cleaning, and the product also includes spare pompoms for entertainment. This cat tree is a space-saving solution that adds charm to any room.



8. AGILE 40″ Pine Wood Kitten Cat Tree Tower

The AGILE 40″ Pine Wood Kitten Cat Tree Tower with Steps and Natural Sisal Scratching Posts (Felix) is a sturdy and long-lasting cat tree made of real pine plywood. Designed with natural sisal scratching posts and multiple jumping platforms, it provides a healthy and fun environment for cats while keeping their claws away from furniture and curtains. With its beautiful design and easy-to-clean wooden material, this cat tree will enhance the appearance of any room in your home. Assembly is quick and easy with all hardware and tools included.



9. Hey-brother Cat Tree, 61-inch Cat Tower for Indoor Cats

The Hey-brother Cat Tree is a versatile and sturdy cat tower that provides multiple activities for indoor cats. With scratching posts, padded perches, interactive toy balls, and cat condos, it offers various options for cats to sharpen their claws, play, and relax. The cat tree is easy to assemble and has a sleek and attractive design, making it suitable for any room corner.



10. BEWISHOME Cat Tree 66.3 Inch Multi-Level Large Cat Tower

The BEWISHOME Cat Tree is a large, multi-level cat tower designed for accommodating multiple cats. The tower includes various features such as plush top perches, sisal scratching posts, spacious condos, a cozy hammock, and a basket for cats to play and relax. It is made with high-quality materials to ensure stability and durability, and it comes with a wall anchor strap for extra stability. The tower is easy to assemble and can be placed in a corner or near a window, making it a stylish addition to any living room.



11. AGILE 59″ Modern Real Pine Plywood Cat Tree Condo Tower

The AGILE 59″ Modern Real Pine Plywood Cat Tree Condo Tower with Natural Sisal Scratching Climbing Posts and Napping Hammock (Loki) is a sturdy and long-lasting cat tree made of real pine plywood with a stable base and non-slip feet. It is designed to accommodate large cats, with each platform supporting up to 15 kg. The cat tree features natural sisal scratching posts, multiple jumping platforms, a spacious cat condo, a premium bed at the top, a cozy napping hammock, and various platforms for exploration. Its sleek and modern design makes it a beautiful addition to any room, and its wood construction allows for easy cleaning. The cat tree is easy to assemble, as all hardware and tools are included.



12. Heybly Cat Tree Cat Tower for Indoor Cats

The Heybly Cat Tree Cat Tower is a multi-level cat furniture condo designed for indoor cats. It features a feeding bowl set up at a high place to prevent disturbance from other pets and make the cat feel respected. The cat tree also includes a wide scratching board to satisfy the cat’s natural urge to scratch and protect furniture. With a reinforced base, sisal-wrapped scratch posts, and anti-toppling devices, the stability and security of the cat tower are ensured. Additionally, a hanging basket provides a cozy and safe spot for lazy cats.



13. PETEPELA 56.3” Tall Cat Tree for Indoor Cats

The PETEPELA 56.3” Tall Cat Tree is a multi-level cat tower designed for indoor cats. It features a roomy condo, spacious hammock, plush top perch, sisal-covered scratching posts, and a dangling ball for entertainment. The tree is sturdy and safe for large and heavy cats, with a stable base and durable materials. It is easy to install with the included manual and hardware pack. Professional customer service is provided both before and after purchase.



What Are The Physical Benefits of Cat Towers?

  1. Exercise: Climbing up and down the levels of a cat tower provides essential exercise, helping to keep your cat agile and in good shape. This is especially vital for indoor cats that may have fewer opportunities for physical activity.
  2. Stretching: The vertical structure of a cat tower allows cats to stretch their bodies fully, particularly their back and shoulder muscles. Stretching is essential for maintaining muscle tone and flexibility.
  3. Scratching: Most cat towers incorporate scratching posts or pads. Scratching is a natural behavior that helps cats shed the outer layer of their claws, keeping them sharp and healthy. It also provides a form of exercise and stretches the muscles of their front legs.
  4. Enhanced Reflexes: Navigating the different levels and features of a cat tower, such as suspended toys, can help improve a cat’s reflexes and coordination.
  5. Territorial Marking: Cats have scent glands in their paws. When they scratch or knead on a tower, they’re marking it as their territory. This not only gives them a sense of ownership but also has calming effects.
  6. Prevention of Obesity: Regular play and climbing on a cat tower can contribute to weight management, especially for indoor cats that might be prone to obesity due to a sedentary lifestyle.
  7. Joint Health: Regular movement, such as climbing, can be beneficial for joint health, ensuring they remain supple and healthy. This is particularly important for older cats or those predisposed to conditions like arthritis.

What Are The Mental Benefits of Cat Towers?

  1. Stimulation: The varied levels, textures, and sometimes even toys attached to cat towers can mentally engage cats, providing an environment that keeps their minds active.
  2. Stress Reduction: Having a dedicated space like a tower can offer a sense of security and reduce stress, especially in multi-pet households. Elevated spots allow cats to observe their environment from a safe vantage point.
  3. Territory: Cats are territorial animals. A cat tower provides them with a space they can claim as their own, which can boost their confidence and sense of ownership.
  4. Prevention of Boredom: Indoor cats, in particular, can become bored without adequate enrichment. A cat tower, especially one with multiple features, can keep a cat entertained for hours, preventing boredom-related behaviors like excessive meowing or scratching.
  5. Safe Haven: Many cat towers come with enclosed spaces or cubbies. These can serve as quiet retreats where a cat can hide and relax, especially if they’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious.
  6. Sensory Enrichment: Different textures, materials, and features on a cat tower can provide sensory enrichment, stimulating a cat’s tactile, visual, and even auditory senses.
  7. Increased Independence: By offering a space where cats can play, rest, scratch, and explore independently, towers can foster a sense of independence, allowing cats to entertain themselves even in the absence of their owners.
  8. Social Interaction: In multi-cat households, cat towers can facilitate positive social interactions. Cats can play together on the tower or even establish their own favorite spots, which can lead to clearer social hierarchies and reduced conflicts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Towers

  1. What is the primary purpose of a cat tower?
    • Cat towers, also known as cat trees or condos, serve multiple purposes: they provide cats with an opportunity to climb, scratch, play, and rest. They also offer vertical space, which cats love, and can help reduce stress by providing a secure, elevated perch.
  2. How tall should a cat tower be?
    • The height depends on your cat’s preferences and your available space. Many cats love tall towers because they provide a high vantage point, but even a shorter tower can offer multiple levels for climbing and lounging.
  3. Is a cat tower necessary for indoor cats?
    • While not strictly “necessary,” cat towers are highly beneficial for indoor cats. They offer a source of exercise, stimulation, and a way to mark territory, all of which are essential for an indoor cat’s mental and physical well-being.
  4. How do I choose the right cat tower for my space?
    • Consider the size of your space, your cat’s activity level, and any specific features your cat might enjoy (like hanging toys or cubbies). Measure your available space and compare it to the tower’s dimensions before purchasing.
  5. Are cat towers easy to assemble?
    • Most cat towers come with assembly instructions and are relatively straightforward to put together, though larger or more complex towers might require more time and effort.
  6. How can I encourage my cat to use the tower?
    • Place the tower near a window or a favorite resting spot, sprinkle some catnip on it, or use toys to lure your cat onto the tower. Over time, most cats naturally gravitate towards it.
  7. How often should I replace a cat tower?
    • This depends on its wear and tear. If it becomes unstable or if the scratching areas are heavily worn out, it’s time to replace it. Regularly inspect the tower for any signs of damage.
  8. Can a cat tower help with behavioral issues?
    • Yes, cat towers can divert behaviors like scratching furniture by providing an appropriate outlet. They can also reduce stress, which can, in turn, mitigate certain behavioral problems.
  9. Do cat towers need maintenance?
    • Minimal maintenance is required. Vacuuming the tower occasionally can remove fur and dander, and checking for loose parts or areas of wear ensures it remains safe for your feline friend.
  10. Is it better to get a tower with natural or synthetic materials?
  • Both can be suitable, depending on your cat’s preferences and any allergies. Natural materials, like sisal and wood, can be more appealing for scratching, but ensure that any materials used are non-toxic and safe for pets.

Final Summary: The Best Cat Towers

In this article, we reviewed the Best Cat Towers. Providing your feline friend with a quality tower ensures they have a dedicated space for play, relaxation, and observation. Investing in the right tower can greatly enhance your cat’s quality of life and overall well-being. As you’ve seen, there are a variety of top-notch options to suit every need and home. We hope our insights assist you in making an informed decision, ensuring your cat enjoys countless hours of entertainment and comfort with their new tower. Remember, a happy cat means a happy home!