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7 Best Corner Cat Litter Boxes [2023]

Looking for the Best Corner Cat Litter Boxes? As cat owners, we understand the importance of optimizing space while ensuring our feline friends have the privacy they desire. Corner litter boxes are a fantastic solution, designed to fit snugly into corners and blend seamlessly with your home’s interior. In this guide, we’ll dive into the top picks, their features, and what makes them stand out in the world of cat care. Join us as we explore these space-saving gems.

1. Van Ness Corner Enclosed Cat Pan

The Van Ness Corner Enclosed Cat Pan is a large litter box designed to fit in any corner of your room, making it ideal for cat owners with limited space. It offers excellent odor control with its enclosed design, odor door, and replaceable Zeolite air filter. The enclosed hood helps contain litter scatter and urine spray, reducing mess and making it easier to clean. Additionally, it features a highly polished finish that is resistant to odor and stains. This product is proudly made in the USA.


2. Amazon Basics No-Mess Hooded Corner Cat Litter Box

The Amazon Basics No-Mess Hooded Corner Cat Litter Box is a triangular litter box specifically designed to fit in corners. Its unique wedge shape ensures that it can be easily placed in tight spaces. The hooded design helps prevent litter scatter and leaks, while a charcoal filter helps suppress unwanted odors. The top of the litter box is removable for easy cleaning and changing of litter, and the heavy-duty molded plastic construction ensures durability.


3. Nature’s Miracle Advanced High-Sided Corner Litter Box

The Nature’s Miracle Advanced High-Sided Corner Litter Box is a convenient solution for pet owners looking to save space. With its corner design, it fits well into any room. The high sides help prevent litter scatter, while the non-stick surface makes cleanup a breeze. The litter box also features a guard that helps eliminate foul smells, ensuring a more pleasant environment for both pets and owners. Dimensions of 26 inches x 23 inches x 10 inches provide ample space for cats to use comfortably.


4. So Phresh High-Back Corner Grey Litter Box

The So Phresh High-Back Corner Grey Litter Box and So Phresh X-Large High-Back Corner Litter Box are designed to minimize litter scatter and spray with their elevated sides. They are constructed from a durable material that is easy to clean. These litter boxes are suitable for households with multiple cats and are made in the USA.


5. IRIS USA Large Hooded Corner Cat Litter Box with Scoop

The IRIS USA Large Hooded Corner Cat Litter Box is a spacious litter box designed to fit in corners, saving space in your home. It features a lid with a flap entry door to contain litter and prevent spray. The box also comes with a handle and secure buckles on the lid for easy portability, and its curved sides and included scoop makes cleaning a breeze. Its dimensions are 21.00″L x 16.13″W x 14.25″H.


6. Corner Litter Box Enclosure, Cat Litter Box Furniture Hidden

The Corner Litter Box Enclosure is a multifunctional piece of furniture that not only hides the litter box but also serves as a TV stand and storage cabinet. Its corner design makes it ideal for small spaces and helps to maximize room organization. The cabinet features magnetic doors that keep it closed tightly, providing cats with a private and safe spot for their potty time. Additionally, the furniture is easy to clean, making maintenance hassle-free.


7. So Phresh Corner Privacy Hood & Cat Litter Pan

The So Phresh Corner Privacy Hood & Cat Litter Pan is a corner-shaped litter box designed to save space and blend into the environment. The built-in hood provides privacy for cats while helping to contain odors and litter scatter. It also includes a carbon filter to reduce odor and a flip door for easy access when cleaning.


Tips for Choosing a Corner Litter Box

When considering a corner litter box for your feline companion, it’s important to ensure that it meets both your cat’s needs and your household requirements. Here are some tips for choosing a corner litter box:

  1. Size Matters: Ensure the box is spacious enough for your cat to comfortably turn around, dig, and cover. Larger cats will need bigger boxes, while kittens or smaller breeds may do well with smaller ones.
  2. High Sides or Low: Cats that tend to kick litter out or spray might benefit from a box with higher sides. However, older cats or kittens might appreciate lower sides for easier access.
  3. Easy to Clean: Look for a litter box that is made of non-porous materials to prevent lingering odors and is easy to wipe down or wash.
  4. Entrance Placement: Some corner litter boxes have entrances on the side, while others have them in the front. Consider where you’ll be placing the box and which entrance placement will be most convenient for your cat.
  5. Lid or No Lid: Some cats prefer the privacy of a covered box, while others like the openness of an uncovered one. Think about your cat’s preferences before making a choice.
  6. Material: Ensure the box is made of durable, sturdy materials that won’t easily tip over or break, especially if your cat is on the heavier side.
  7. Odor Control: Some corner litter boxes come with built-in odor control features like charcoal filters. If odor is a concern, consider investing in one of these models.
  8. Ease of Entry: Especially important for senior cats or those with mobility issues. The opening should be wide and low enough for them to comfortably step into.

Remember, the most crucial aspect is that your cat uses it consistently. It may take some trial and error, but with these tips in mind, you’re well on your way to finding the perfect corner litter box for your pet.


Frequently Asked Questions About Corner Litter Boxes

1. Why would I consider a corner litter box over a regular one?

Corner litter boxes are space-saving and can be conveniently placed in the corner of a room, making them ideal for smaller living spaces or for those wanting a discreet litter solution.

2. Is a corner litter box suitable for larger cats?

Yes, many corner litter boxes are spacious enough for larger cats. Always check the dimensions before purchasing and ensure your cat can comfortably turn around and bury their waste.

3. Do corner litter boxes help reduce litter tracking?

While the design itself doesn’t inherently reduce tracking, some corner boxes come with built-in tracking mats or higher sides to minimize the spread of litter.

4. Can I use regular cat litter in a corner litter box?

Yes, regular cat litter can be used in a corner litter box. However, always check manufacturer recommendations in case they suggest specific types or brands.

5. Are there covered corner litter boxes available?

Yes, there are both covered and uncovered options available. The best choice depends on your cat’s preference; some cats enjoy the privacy of a covered box, while others prefer an open design.

6. How often should I clean a corner litter box?

The cleaning frequency is the same as with standard boxes. Scoop out waste daily change the litter and wash the box every 1-2 weeks or whenever it starts to smell.

7. Do corner litter boxes control odor better?

The shape of the box doesn’t necessarily affect odor control. Effective odor control depends more on the type of litter used, how frequently the box is cleaned, and whether the box has additional odor-control features.

8. Can I use corner litter boxes for multiple cats?

It’s recommended to have one litter box per cat, plus one extra. While corner boxes can be used, ensure each is appropriately sized and placed in different areas to avoid territorial disputes.

9. Are corner litter boxes more challenging to clean than traditional boxes?

Not necessarily. Corner boxes can be just as easy to clean, though the angled design might require a bit more attention to corners when scooping or washing.

10. How durable are corner litter boxes?

Durability depends on the material and build quality. Most are made of sturdy plastic and, when cared for properly, can last as long as traditional litter boxes. Always check product reviews and ratings for feedback on durability.

Final Summary: The Best Corner Cat Litter Boxes

In this article, we reviewed the Best Corner Cat Litter Boxes. These space-saving solutions are perfect for tight spaces and can seamlessly fit into any home’s layout. While the ideal choice depends on your cat’s preferences and your home’s design, it’s evident that corner litter boxes offer both convenience and functionality. When selecting the right one, always consider size, material, and ease of cleaning to ensure a hassle-free experience for both you and your feline friend.