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8 Best Lamb Cat Foods [2023]

Looking for the Best Lamb Cat Foods? Lamb, a nutritious and protein-rich meat, is becoming a popular choice among cat owners keen on providing diverse protein sources for their feline companions. It not only offers essential amino acids but also serves as a novel protein for cats with sensitivities to more common meats. In this article, we’ll dive into the top lamb-based cat foods, ensuring your pet gets a tasty and healthful meal. Whether you’re exploring new flavors or seeking an alternative for dietary reasons, you’re in the right place.


1. Open Farm Pasture-Raised Lamb Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Open Farm Pasture-Raised Lamb Grain-Free Dry Cat Food is a nutritious option for cat owners looking to provide their pets with high-quality, humanely raised meat. The lamb used in this formula is 100% GAP Step 4 Rated, ensuring that it is raised without antibiotics or growth hormones. The grain-free recipe includes natural ingredients like cranberry and dandelion greens for added vitamins and urinary tract health. Additionally, Open Farm offers transparency by allowing owners to trace the origin of each ingredient using the lot number on the bag.



2. ZIWI Peak Canned Wet Cat Food

ZIWI Peak Canned Wet Cat Food is a high-quality and natural option for cat owners looking to provide their pets with a nutritious and balanced meal. The product is formulated without any added fillers, sugars, gums, or artificial preservatives. It is made with ethically and sustainably sourced meats and seafood from New Zealand, ensuring that it is free from hormones, antibiotics, and growth promotants. The inclusion of superfoods such as tripe and New Zealand Green Mussels may offer benefits for allergy relief, healthy skin and coat, improved digestion, joint health, mobility, and weight maintenance. Additionally, the chunky loaf style and high protein content make it appealing even for picky eaters.



3. Instinct Original Grain-Free Real Lamb Recipe

Instinct Original Grain Free Real Lamb Recipe Natural Wet Canned Cat Food by Nature’s Variety is a high protein cat food made with 95% grass-fed lamb, turkey, and liver. It does not contain any fillers such as grains, potatoes, corn, wheat, or soy, which can trigger food sensitivities. This natural cat food is made from real meat and whole food ingredients, providing the essential animal protein for strong, lean muscles. It is suitable for cats of all ages and is made in the USA with the finest ingredients from around the world.



4. Feline Natural Grain-Free Freeze-Dried Cat Food

The Feline Natural Grain-Free Freeze-Dried Cat Food in the Lamb flavor is a high-quality cat food option that offers a single source of protein for cats who are picky eaters. It is rich in meat and low in carbohydrates, making it a balanced and nutritious choice for felines. The freeze-drying process preserves the nutritional value and taste of the food, while it also does not contain any wheat, gluten, GMO ingredients, corn, soy, dairy, rice, potato, or other fillers.




The ACANA PREMIUM PATE Wet Cat Food is a high-protein cat food made with a recipe that includes 85 percent animal ingredients, such as raw lamb, lamb liver, beef bone broth, chicken bone broth, lamb kidney, and chicken. It does not contain any grain ingredients, making it suitable for cats with grain sensitivities. Additionally, this premium cat food is made without artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.



6. Nutri Source Grain Free Lamb & Lamb Liver

The Nutri Source Grain Free Lamb & Lamb Liver Select Canned Cat Food is a meat-rich and protein-dense formula that aims to promote gut health and improve the overall health of animals. It utilizes a supplement system called Good 4 Life, which includes four key ingredients that work together to condition, repair, and enhance the well-being of pets. Additionally, this cat food is bio-available and designed to support the growth and development of beloved pets. The product comes in a 12/5.5 oz case with package dimensions of 20.0″ L x 20.0″ W x 20.0″ H.



7. Forza10 Wet Renal Cat Food

Forza10 Wet Renal Cat Food is a kidney care cat food made with pasture-raised New Zealand lamb and a blend of natural, therapeutic plants and fruits. It is designed to address stomach sensitivity in cats while also providing a delicious taste. This canned cat food is specifically formulated for cats with renal and cardiac issues, and it contains 100% natural and healthy ingredients without any GMOs, corn, wheat, soy, by-products, artificial colors, flavors, or chemical preservatives. The effectiveness of this cat wet food is supported by 30 scientific research and clinical studies conducted by Forza, making it a reliable choice for cat owners.



8. Meat Mates Lamb Dinner

Meat Mates Lamb Dinner is a grain-free freeze-dried cat food that is made from single-source New Zealand grass-fed, free-range lamb. It is a complete and balanced diet for cats, containing only meat, organs, New Zealand fish oil, and essential vitamins and minerals. The product is sustainably sourced and does not contain any grains, GMOs, or fillers. It is designed to appeal to even the fussiest of eaters and provide them with a nutritious and satisfying meal.



What Are The Benefits of Lamb Cat Foods?

  1. High-Quality Protein Source: Lamb is a rich source of high-quality protein, essential for muscle development, tissue repair, and overall bodily functions in cats.
  2. Novel Protein: For cats that have developed sensitivities or allergies to more common protein sources like chicken or beef, lamb can be a novel protein. This means it’s a new protein source that the cat hasn’t been exposed to, reducing the risk of allergic reactions.
  3. Rich in Essential Amino Acids: Lamb provides all the essential amino acids a cat needs. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and are vital for various bodily functions.
  4. Good Fat Profile: Lamb contains beneficial fats, including omega fatty acids, which are good for skin and coat health. It also provides a good amount of calories for active cats.
  5. Minerals and Vitamins: Lamb is a good source of essential minerals like iron, zinc, and selenium, which are crucial for a cat’s immune system, metabolic function, and overall well-being. It also contains B vitamins, particularly B12, necessary for many bodily functions.
  6. Palatability: Many cats enjoy the taste of lamb, making it a good option for picky eaters or those needing a dietary change.
  7. Alternative for Dietary Rotation: Introducing lamb can be part of a dietary rotation strategy, offering variety and ensuring your cat gets a broad spectrum of nutrients from different food sources.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lamb-Based Cat Foods

1. Why is lamb considered a novel protein for cats?
Lamb is termed a “novel protein” because it’s less commonly used than other proteins like chicken or beef. Cats that haven’t been exposed to it might not have developed sensitivities or allergies, making lamb a fresh alternative for dietary rotation or allergy management.

2. Is lamb a complete protein source for cats?
Yes, lamb provides all the essential amino acids cats require. It’s a high-quality protein source, ensuring muscle maintenance, tissue repair, and overall healthy bodily functions for felines.

3. Are there any potential allergic reactions to lamb-based foods?
While lamb is often introduced as a novel protein for cats allergic to more common meats, no protein source is entirely hypoallergenic. Some cats might still develop sensitivities or allergies, so it’s essential to monitor for signs like itching, digestive upset, or skin issues.

4. Can I feed my cat only lamb-based cat food?
While lamb is nutritious, a balanced diet involves variety. Constantly feeding only one protein source might not offer all the micronutrients your cat needs. Diversifying protein sources ensures a broader nutrient spectrum.

5. Is lamb in cat food usually grass-fed or grain-fed?
This varies by brand and product. Some premium brands might use grass-fed lamb, touting its potential health benefits, while others might use grain-fed. Always check the product label or brand information for specifics.

6. How does lamb compare to other meats in fat content?
Lamb generally has a higher fat content compared to some other meats like chicken. However, it contains beneficial fats, including omega fatty acids, beneficial for skin and coat health.

7. Can kittens eat lamb-based cat food?
Yes, kittens can eat lamb, provided it’s formulated for their specific growth needs. It’s crucial to ensure any cat food for kittens meets their higher protein and calorie requirements.

8. Do lamb-based cat foods contain bone or organ meat?
This depends on the brand and formulation. Some holistic or “whole prey” formulations might include organ meats and bones, which can provide additional nutrients. Always check the ingredient list.

9. Will lamb-based food help my cat’s coat shine?
Lamb’s beneficial fats, especially its omega fatty acids, can promote a healthier skin and shinier coat in cats. Over time, consistent feeding might enhance the coat’s quality and appearance.

10. Is lamb-based cat food more expensive than other types?
The price often depends on the brand, sourcing practices, and other ingredients in the formula. Premium brands using grass-fed or organic lamb might be more expensive than other protein sources or conventional lamb.

Final Summary: The Best Lamb Cat Foods

In this article, we reviewed the Best Lamb Cat Foods. Providing your feline with high-quality lamb-based food can offer both nutritional benefits and a delightful change in taste. Choosing the right product ensures your cat receives essential nutrients from a trusted protein source. As responsible pet owners, it’s crucial to prioritize both taste and health. Remember, variety in diet can enhance your cat’s eating experience and overall well-being. Choose wisely and watch your furry friend thrive!