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Photos of Jill Gradually Turning Into a Crazy Bengal Cat Lady

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]y Bengal cat, Cricket has been living with me for 4 years, in 8 apartments, 2 states, with 5 terrible boyfriends and endless trips on the road together.

After going through a difficult period in my life, I dropped out of photography school in Daytona Beach, Florida and drove all the way to Denver, Colorado. Cricket stayed on my shoulders the whole way during this road trip. I had no friends or family in the Mile High City but it didn’t take long after moving to Colorado to realize it was the best move I had ever made.

My Bengal got used to the snow and took it like a pro. Everyday she would stand at the door and yell for me to let her go outside. Soon she learned how to pull her leash down and wait for me like a dog.

My new Bengal Jasper then came into our lives and he grew to be a big boy. He always has to be in the spotlight, show off in front of the camera and likes to be photographed with the models. These two little troublemakers love working together to knock off as many pricey items from the table as they can and scratching up all of my furniture.

I’m working as a wedding photographer but I can’t help shooting photos of these two nuts everyday!


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Jill Houser
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Hello there! My name is Jill Houser. I'm a wedding and portrait photographer in Denver, CO. I'm a foodie, a cyclist and a cat lady. I have an unprecedented love for cats!