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Various Noises & Sounds Bengals Make On A Daily Basis

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]engals don’t meow quite like other cats. They aren’t particularly talkative, as if they were constantly commenting on your life but they have a much wider and varied range of outspoken calls than many other cats. It varies in volume from loud to unbelievably loud.

Besides the usual cat sounds, Bengal cats have been known to emit sounds that are definitely not “meows”. Most Bengals have a specific sound when they feel the need to make you know what they want, for things like: “Open that door!”, “Let me out of this room”, “Get out of bed and feed me now before I starve to death”, “Come and see what I’ve just found” and, of course, they also purr to say “I’m very happy!”.

So what does a Bengal sound like? As a Bengal owner, you may have noticed the melodic but very insistent “Yowl!” when they desperately want something, the loud guttural purring and short barks that are very enjoyable, the lovely frustrated short “Nya!” and the little “Chirrup” when there’s a bird outside or something to hunt. The chirping or chattering sounds are supposed to mimic birds so they can lure them closer and eat them!

The video above gives you an idea of the various noises and sounds Bengal cats can make on a daily basis. The owner, who filmed Pixel & Sushi for a period of 24 months, says:

“If you are after a quiet kitty it’s fair to say that you might be asking for trouble with a Bengal! Pixel & Sushi are quite talkative but there is nearly two years of footage here, condensed into 10 minutes. They aren’t always talking :)”

Laurent Jaccard
Laurent Jaccard
As a Bengal cat owner of fifteen years, Laurent writes about his favorite cat breed to share his passion with other owners and enthusiasts. Laurent is a webmaster and graphic designer by profession, photographer and animal lover by heart.