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Cat Jewelry that Matches Your Feline Friend

Cat Jewelry That Matches Your Feline Friend

 Are you a "crazy cat lady"- and proud of it? Anyone who's had a furry feline friend as a pet knows that they're the "cat's pajamas". Cats...
Cats That Don't Shed

Cats That Don’t Shed

Owning a cat comes with a lot of expenses, not the least of which is shedding control. According to the American Pet Products Association,...

Chats Hypoallergéniques | Choix du chat et conseils pour les personnes allergiques

 Un chat non allergisant serait la réalisation d’un rêve pour ceux qui aiment les chats mais souffrent de crises d’asthme ou de picotements aux...

5 Ways You’re Accidentally Enabling Your Cat’s Bad Behavior

Cats usually only do things that are in their own best interest. While this self-serving attitude often earns them a reputation for being "untrainable,"...

19 Cat Myths To Stop Believing

Felines are creatures of mystery and while there is still much left to puzzle out about them, there are some cat myths time and...

Decoding Feline Predators: Discover & Understand Your Cat’s Prey Preference

Did you know lions have a prey preference for buffalo, wildebeest, and zebra? Did you also know your cat has a prey preference too?...

12 Cat Breeds For The Active Cat Parent

Although cats aren’t likely to go on runs and long hikes with their owners the way dogs do, there are certainly plenty of cats...

Celebrate The Felines: The Ultimate List Of Annual Cat Days and Holidays

Oh, cats! Those bewitching, purr-tastic bundles of joy that weave seamlessly between our ankles and our hearts. Let's be real: is there anything more...