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How To Feed Your Bengal Cat

How to Feed Your Bengal Cat Diet

If you have a Bengal cat (or any cat for that matter), then I’m sure it is important to you to keep your kitty...
Matilda The Alien Cat

The Curious Case Of Matilda The Alien Cat On Instagram

Matilda is a two-year-old tabby female suffering from a mysterious eye condition that makes her look like an alien cat from another galaxy. Her...
The Importance Of Selecting A Reputable Bengal Breeder

The Importance Of Selecting A Reputable Bengal Breeder

 One of the most daunting tasks when you have finally decided to take the plunge and purchase a Bengal is finding a reputable Bengal...
Roxy the Bengal cat

Story About a Beautiful Bond: Meet Roxy And Robert

Do you remember the first time you’ve met your furry baby? The memory of those precious first moments with each of my pets, and...
Best Cat Travel Carrier For Your Next Trip

Best Cat Travel Carrier For Your Next Trip

There's no question that you love your cat. You make sure home is a happy, comfortable and safe place. And they show their appreciation...

Machine Gun Kelly And Megan Fox Become Pawrents To Bengal Kitten

Just two months ago, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox announced their engagement, and now, they’ve expanded their family. Their new addition is simply...

Rescued Bengal Cat Needs Help Funding Her Life-Saving Cancer Surgery

Bengal cat Rose is only four-years-old, but she’s already known a lifetime of pain and sickness. Luckily, this “beautiful soul” also knows love and...

21 Beyond Beautiful Bengals

Spotted, active, and attention-hungry--there's a lot that can be said when talking about a Bengal cat. But one thing is for certain above all,...