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Signs of Diabetes in Cats

7 Warning Signs of Feline Diabetes in Cats

Older and obese cats are prone to developing diabetes mellitus or feline diabetes, according to an experienced veterinary hospital. Just like human diabetes, the...
Toyger Cat

Toyger Cat: Breed Information & Overview

The recognizable orange fur with black stripes isn’t just for tigers to take pride in. Bred to resemble the endangered big cats, Toygers share the...
Westminster Cat Show Anthony Hutcherson With Bengal Cat

Westminster Dog Show Is Now Adding A Cat Show

Good news for you if you're a cat lover. The glass ceiling has a crack in it. No, not that glass ceiling. The other one. The...

UPDATE: Kurt Zouma Sentenced After Pleading Guilty To Abusing Bengal Cats

Bengal cats, Bonbon and Cherie, have received justice after Kurt Zouma kicked, slapped, and further terrorized them in a video that went viral in...

Mystery Decoded: 9 Odd Cat Behaviors Explained

Oh, the strangeness of cats! Just when cat parents think they’ve figured out their kitty, then arises an odd cat behavior that leaves you scratching...
The 16 Best Interactive Cat Toys in 2022

The 16 Best Interactive Cat Toys in 2022

We all know that cats are renowned as smart and curious creatures, but Bengals are a whole nother story. These spotted felines, apart from...

This Bengal Cat Is Totally Adorable Even When He Catches A Ball With His...

Being a Bengal cat from Perth, Australia, Virgil is an athletic boy who loves adventuring the bush and taking in all the sights. He...
Welcoming new Bengal kitten home

Welcoming Your New Bengal Kitten Home

Bringing a new Bengal kitten into your home means a big change in your routine. Your new kitten is also dealing with a big...