Bengal Cat Breed

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Bengal Cat Guide

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Bengal Cat Breed

Bengal Cat Care: How to Keep Yours Purrfectly Groomed

Bengal Cat Care: How to Keep Yours Purrfectly Groomed

You've just purchased a rambunctious little rascal of a Bengal kitten, and despite all of the grief your new kitten has been giving you,...
Spotted cat or striped dog

A Spotted Cat or a Striped Dog?

The story behind the beginnings of today’s Bengal Cat. It was a beautiful spring day in Southern California. The year was 1971, and after an...
Bengal Cats History

A Detailed History Of The Bengal Cat Breed

Many people assume that a cat is a cat – they do not realize that there are many unique breeds of cat out there,...

7 Breeds Similar to Bengal Cats

Bengal cats captivate enthusiasts with their wild, exotic look and playful temperament. Originating from the crossbreeding of domestic cats with the Asian leopard cat,...
Cashmere long haired seal minx marbled Bengal

Long Haired Bengal (Cashmere): Information & Overview

Did you know that there are long haired Bengals cat? A variety of this leopard-like breed that boasts a long, silky coat has been...
Bengal Cat Price Guide and Ownership Costs

Bengal Cat Price Guide and Ownership Costs to Consider Before Buying

Bengal cats are some of the sweetest and most beautiful cats in the world. That's great for you, it might not be great for...
Bengal Cat Colors and Patterns

Bengal Cat Coat: Colors and Patterns

Bengal cats are a dream come true. Not only are they beautiful, they are a domestic cat with a look that imitates the big cats found...
9 Steps To Buying Healthy Bengal Cat Kittens

9 Steps To Buying A Healthy Bengal Kitten

So, you’ve decided you want a Bengal cat in your life. That’s great! But choosing a healthy Bengal cat kittens to be your new...