Bengal Cat Videos

Tons of funny and educative Bengal cat videos from YouTube or submitted by their owners. Watch videos of Bengals doing what they do best: swimming, talking, doing cat tricks or showing off their climbing and jumping acrobatics!

Bengal Kittens On A Slide Video

This Video Of Bengal Kittens On A Slide Will Melt Your Heart

 Everyone who lives with a Bengal knows how smart and active they are. There isn’t a place in your home that they won’t investigate...
Silver Bengal Kitten Khaleesi vs BB-8

Silver Bengal Kitten vs Star Wars BB-8 Droid

In this entertaining video we get to see a gorgeous silver Bengal kitten named Khaleesi take on an adorable little robot droid, BB-8. At...
Bengal Kittens Mesmerized

This One Thing Keeps 10 Bengal Kittens Mesmerized

I think we can all agree that kittens are possibly the cutest creatures in the known universe. Their tiny noses, miniature paws, and adorable...
So You Want A Bengal Cat, Do You?

So You Want A Bengal Cat, Do You?

Bringing home a bengal kitten is certainly a fun and exciting time, but it's also a time for lots of surprises. No matter how...
Mama Bengal has her Paws Full with her Kitten

Mama Bengal Has Her Paws Full With Her Kitten

Kittens are a ball of love and energy; just like children they can often push the limits of their parent’s patience. In this video,...
F1 Bengal demands access to shower

F1 Bengal Makes Massive Jump To Get Into The Shower

0  Bengal cats are known to love playing in the water but this Bengal by the name of Linux takes it one step further. Linux...
Dream-like Video Bengal cat Lake Adventure

Dream-like Video Of Zoey’s First Time On Water

Everyone who owns (or, to be honest, is owned by) a Bengal cat, knows how affectionate and caring these felines are. Contrary to popular...
Bengal Kitten vs. Chihuahua Puppy

Bengal Kitten And Chihuahua Puppy Play Like Siblings

Bengal cats are known to have dog-like personalities and characteristics, so it’s no surprise to see these two getting along like siblings. The SBT...