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This One Thing Keeps 10 Bengal Kittens Mesmerized

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] think we can all agree that kittens are possibly the cutest creatures in the known universe. Their tiny noses, miniature paws, and adorable antics are bound to put a smile on anyone’s face. And if they happen to be spotted Bengal babies at that, well, even better!

If you need an extra dose of cute in your day, this video of ten (yes, ten) incredibly cute Bengal kittens is just the thing for you. This heart-melting bunch of leopard-like kittens gathered around the utmost object of fascination for all kittens worldwide- a cat toy wand. Let’s face it, toy wands are perfect for when you want to play with your cat. They’re guaranteed to get their attention, and your hands (and the rest of your body) are safe from their claws, which are bound to get out during the playtime. This is especially useful when playing with kittens, as they’re probably too young to realize that they can scratch you while playing.

Strategically divided into two groups, each on one side of the cat tunnel, these Bengal kittens relentlessly try to capture the prey, which is a shiny, blue fish plushy at the end of the wand. And they are completely mesmerized by it! Their cute little heads bob in unison, following wherever the wand currently is.  Of course, you can immediately see the bravest of the bunch giving their best to be the ones to get the toy for themselves. I loved when I noticed the mom and dad of the litter monitoring their babies play through the glass door. You can just see how watchful and caring Bengal cats are toward their young! And, if we’re being honest, we can also see how the parents wouldn’t mind getting their paws on the toy, as well. (We can’t blame them, moms and dads also need some playing time). A video of this playful litter was made by Rosettes and Stripes, a Bengal and Toyger cattery from Seattle, Washington. This adorable playtime video is a perfect illustration of how breeders should socialize their Bengal kittens.

When you’re looking for Bengal kittens for sale, it’s really important to find a reputable breeder that cares about the kittens he or she sells. A great breeder cares more about the cats than making money (unlike backyard breeders), and you’ll be able to notice that as soon as you meet your kitten. Well-socialized Bengal babies grow up to be friendly, well-balanced Bengal cats who get on well both with humans and other animals. A lot of the negative myths surrounding this beautiful breed are based on people’s impressions of Bengal cats who were not properly socialized when they were young.

So, if you need something sweet to brighten your day, rest assured, there’s nothing better than a litter of fluffy little Bengals playing. I dare you not to go awwww when you watch this video!

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Angela Vuckovic
Angela Vuckovic
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