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Silver Bengal Kitten vs Star Wars BB-8 Droid

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n this entertaining video we get to see a gorgeous silver Bengal kitten named Khaleesi take on an adorable little robot droid, BB-8. At the opening of the video it is clear that Khaleesi isn’t quite sure what to make of her new robotic friend. She starts by watching and slowly stalking the droid, quickly dancing away when it gets too close.

Curiosity takes over before the minute mark and sweet Khaleesi begins hunting her robot prey in true Bengal fashion. BB-8 loses his head several times during the play session leaving us grateful that this adorable little droid can be easily put back together!

Playtime is very important for Bengal cats like Khaleesi, who have lots of energy and very active minds. Interactive toys, like BB-8 are a great way for owners to interact with their cats without their cats knowing. While I am a huge fan of toys like Da Bird, I think that remote controlled toys are definitely a must have in your cat’s toy arsenal.

Cats, especially Bengals are very smart, and quickly begin to associate interactive toys with their owners. This is a good thing, as it will strengthen the bond between cat and owner. However, it can also be great fun to surprise your cat with what seems like an independently thinking prey item, like BB-8 or remote-controlled mice.

When giving your cat a new toy for the first time be sure to let them acclimate to the toy before you start actively playing. This video is a perfect example, as Khaleesi’s Mom let her slowly interact with BB-8 during the beginning of the video, then she started moving the robot around faster and in more patterns once Khaleesi started to become more interactive and relaxed.

Sphero BB-8 Droid

While BB-8 was designed with Star Wars fans and children in mind, you can never get too creative with your Bengal’s toys! Be sure to check any toy you use for easily dislodged pieces that your cat could ingest and always supervise playtime. If you and your Bengal are ready to celebrate Star Wars day in style like Khaleesi and her mom you can pick up a Sphero BB-8 droid toy online or at your local Target store! Have fun and may the force be with you!!

BB-8 vs Bengal Cat
source: Youtube/AntonioGameWorld

Laurent Jaccard
Laurent Jaccard
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