Bengal Cat Videos

Tons of funny and educative Bengal cat videos from YouTube or submitted by their owners. Watch videos of Bengals doing what they do best: swimming, talking, doing cat tricks or showing off their climbing and jumping acrobatics!

GoPro Follows a Bengal Cat's Backyard Adventures

GoPro Follows Mylo’s Backyard Adventures

For Bengal fanatics there isn’t anything more exciting than Bengals having fun and being themselves. That is exactly what you get to see in...
Bengal Kitty Outsmarts Automatic Feeding Machine

Very Clever Bengal Kitty Outsmarts Automatic Feeding Machine

Bengal cats are an extraordinary breed of feline; they are above and beyond in many spectrums that exceed the common traits of the general...
Bengal Cat Demands with Paw to be Petted Under the Chin

Bengal Demands With Paw To Be Petted Under The Chin

Communication is key! Cats have a way to let their owners know what they want. A meow, head gesture or with a signal from...
Bengal cat gets head stuck in mini garbage lid

Cat Gets Head Stuck in Mini Garbage Lid

0 All cats have the tendency to share a few common traits. You’ve most likely heard the saying “Curiosity killed the cat” but in this...
iPad Game Cats

This Guy Gave His Cats An iPad To Play With And It Was Hilarious

Would it surprise you to learn that you have a tech-savvy feline? Well, it shouldn’t. In this day and age, even cats like to...
Bengal Kitten Yoda Look-alike getting head massage

Cute Bengal Kitten Getting A Relaxing Head Massage

This adorable Bengal Kitten is getting a relaxing head massage from his owner while laying on his lap with his belly up. At times,...
Ultimate Scratching Post

Kitten Using The Ultimate Scratching Post

My F4 bengal kitten Burma using the ultimate scratching post. This scratching post (Winner of the Cat Fancy Editor's Choice Award) is just perfect...
Little Girl Surprise Birthday Bengal Kitten

Little Girl Gets Surprise Birthday Present: Bengal Kitten

Georgia was turning 8 and she got the best birthday present ever – a Bengal Kitten! She had been in LOVE with cats ever...