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Little Girl Gets Surprise Birthday Present: Bengal Kitten

[dropcap]G[/dropcap]eorgia was turning 8 and she got the best birthday present ever – a Bengal Kitten! She had been in LOVE with cats ever since she could walk but her parents had always been against getting one. Imagine how utterly floored she was then when she entered the room on her special day to find this little Bengal kitten staring back at her. Watch Georgia’s reaction and the joy on her face once she discovers the kitten – it’s the cutest thing ever!

I just love how she left the room because she had to let her emotions out and she didn’t want to scare him. She then exclaimed: “I got a kitten! Oh my god. Oh my god. Is it a Bengal ?”

(Watch the big reveal in the video above)

Laurent Jaccard
Laurent Jaccard
As a Bengal cat owner of fifteen years, Laurent writes about his favorite cat breed to share his passion with other owners and enthusiasts. Laurent is a webmaster and graphic designer by profession, photographer and animal lover by heart.