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This Guy Gave His Cats An iPad To Play With And It Was Hilarious

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ould it surprise you to learn that you have a tech-savvy feline? Well, it shouldn’t. In this day and age, even cats like to play with newest gadgets and try out everything the world of technology has to offer. After all, why wouldn’t they like to exploit the wonders of technological advancement such as the Petcube and other interactive games for cats?

Nowadays, there are literally thousands of toys and useful gadgets for cats. People love showering their pets with gifts, and there are many great cat products to choose from. However, you don’t have to go over the top to keep your techie cat amused. Sometimes, a simple thing like a tablet will do the trick, as we can see in this video.

Frank Sirius, a video game enthusiast and hardware expert, wanted to see if his furry friends share his passion for gaming. He installed a video game for cats (yes, those do exist) on his iPad Mini, and let his British Shorthair and Bengal cat take it from there.

When the two cute felines saw the mouse running away on the screen, they went nuts for the game. You can imagine their confusion when they realized that they can’t catch the mouse no matter how hard they tried. The looks on their faces were priceless!

Apart from a virtual game of cat and mouse, the kitties tried to snatch a tricky, rolling ball of yarn and a flashy red ball. Each time, they were more and more puzzled at how their serious hunter skills seemed to be no match for the iPad. But, of course, they never stopped trying to get their paws on that elusive mouse or the tempting yarn. Their enthusiasm and unrelenting optimism are absolutely adorable.

iPad Game For Cats

All cats are curious by nature, but Bengals have an especially strong hunter instinct, probably due to their ancestry. They can often be found chattering at birds from a window sill or trying to ambush your leg from behind the sofa. So, it’s no wonder that a video game for cats would be especially captivating to these spotted felines.

Smart and playful, Bengals love a good challenge, and what better way to keep them occupied than with a game that will amuse them for hours on end? If your kitty seems to get bored easily with typical cat toys, these interactive games for cats just might be the entertainment they need.

Angela Vuckovic
Angela Vuckovic
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