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Drive-Thru Surprise: Couple Adopts Tiny Kitten Handed Through Car Window

On a warm August day in South Carolina, Kate and Ryan were on their usual coffee run to a local Starbucks drive-thru, unaware that their family was about to grow by one tiny, furry member named Clover. While in line, their attention was caught by a woman holding a small kitten. Ryan, driven by compassion, inquired about the kitten and learned she was in need of a home.

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Without a moment’s hesitation, Ryan and Kate decided to take the kitten, weighing just one pound, into their hearts and home, instantly becoming a trio of cat parents.

Their immediate next step was to purchase formula for their newest addition, clearly besotted with the little one from the start. Even though the arrival was unexpected, they were fully committed to ensuring Clover had the best life ahead.

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Shortly after Clover’s arrival, she needed to wear a cast, becoming a tiny warrior under Ryan’s affectionate care. The growing bond between Ryan and Clover warmed Kate’s heart deeply.

Clover spent her first 10 days getting acquainted with her human family before meeting their other pets, including their dog Macaroni, who had always been the center of attention. Clover’s presence introduced Macaroni to a companion even smaller than himself, leading to an adorable friendship.

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Reflecting on how fate brought them together, Kate and Ryan named their kitten Clover, symbolizing the good fortune of their chance encounter. Clover has since become a cherished member of their family, her vibrant spirit and joy a daily reminder of life’s serendipitous moments.

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