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Hidden Cat Challenge: Can You Spot It? Surprisingly Tricky!

Hello, fellow cat aficionado! Are you the type who delights in giving your brain a workout with puzzles and brain teasers? Well, then, Twitter has the perfect challenge to keep your mind razor-sharp. Discover the joy of spotting hidden felines at There is no cat in this image, a Twitter account that specializes in sharing images of cats hidden so well, they’re almost invisible.

One of their latest shares stars Ricky, a charming cat from Bradford, England. Ricky is a piebald fella with patches of grey tabby, blending in so seamlessly with his green garden surroundings that finding him might just stump you. Ricky has mastered the art of choosing the most inconspicuous places to lounge, setting a new standard for cats everywhere in the art of hide and seek. Try to spot Ricky, but be prepared—it’s trickier than it looks!

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Can You Find Ricky?

The level of difficulty in spotting the cats in these pictures from @Thereisnocat_ varies greatly. Some cats are a breeze to find…

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While others might leave you scratching your head…

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And then there’s Ricky. He might not naturally be the hiding type, but Ricky’s ability to blend into his environment and become virtually invisible is exceptional. Finding him might take a minute, so here’s a hint: start by looking for a tail!

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Couldn’t find Ricky? Here’s where he was hiding!

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Family Fun Leads to Fun For All

Lee Oman captured this photo of Ricky cleverly concealed behind a wheelbarrow as a bit of fun for his family. As Lee shared with Newsweek, the image was initially intended as a playful challenge for his partner and daughter, unaware of the Twitter account at the time. His partner introduced him to it later on.

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Newsweek via Lee Oman

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Lee also noted that Ricky doesn’t typically engage in stealthy behavior, suggesting the hiding may not have been intentional. Nonetheless, Ricky’s ability to vanish from sight has captured the fascination of over 6,000 cat enthusiasts, all eager to spot him. Yet, with just a sliver of a tail visible, many followers voiced their frustration in trying to find him.

Ricky, undoubtedly, must be feeling quite smug about his newfound fame for being so elusive.

To regularly challenge yourself with images of hidden cats, be sure to follow @Thereisnocat_on Twitter.

Feature Image: There is no cat in this image/Twitter