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10 Photos Of Rajah The Majestic F1 Bengal Growing Up

I knew I wanted a Bengal cat the minute I laid eyes on them while searching the internet for my next kitty. I found Rajah 750 miles away and took a road trip to get him right away. He is turning one year old this week! He is a F1 Bengal and at times he is all Asian Leopard Cat and most times he is the most loving cat I have ever had. He loves only me and is very shy around other people and he certainly rules the house! He makes me laugh and keeps me busy and I can tell you a F1 Bengal is certainly not for everybody. He is constantly on the move and needs interaction to keep him out of trouble. I am lucky to have the time and am blessed to have him.

Lori Hankins Rajah F1’s Instagram

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  1. I have a male Sammy 19 yrs old and a female Misha 4 yrs old both Bengals..neither are pussy cats!! Love them both but they hate each other with a vengence

  2. That’s my buddy ! The first kitten pic is the one the breeder sent me and I fell in love with him instantly and knew I had to have him !

    1. He is amazing Lori, I love my bengal he is snow spotted aoc . he is very vocal and as you said need a lot of attention, which im happy to give.
      thank you for sharing your pictures.

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