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Lost Maine Cat Reunited With Family After 7 Years and a Florida Adventure

The Cilley family from Chesterville, Maine, faced every pet owner’s nightmare when their cat Ashes vanished in 2015. Their world turned upside down, imagining countless scenarios of what might have befallen their beloved feline. Miraculously, seven years later, a call from a Florida veterinarian brought unexpected joy, reuniting them with Ashes thanks to a microchip. The family now wonders about the incredible journey Ashes undertook to travel down the Eastern seaboard, her adventures remaining a secret only she knows.

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Photo: GoFundMe

Ashes’s escape occurred when she was just a kitten, slipping outside and vanishing. Despite the family’s exhaustive search, there was no sign of her, leading them to fear the worst after spotting predators on their trail camera. The loss was particularly poignant as it coincided with Denise’s daughter’s 10th birthday, casting a shadow over the celebration.

The unexpected call in January 2022 from a Longwood, Florida vet’s office was initially dismissed by Denise, believing it to be a mistake. However, the revelation that Ashes, identified by her microchip, was alive and in Florida, stunned the family. Ashes had been found by a couple who, noticing her need for medical attention, took her to the vet, revealing her chronic condition but also the hope for recovery.

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Photo: GoFundMe

To facilitate Ashes’s return to Maine, Janet Williams, along with ADORE Pet Rescue and the Pixel Fund, fostered her until she was fit to travel. A Southwest employee even volunteered to accompany Ashes on her flight home, and a GoFundMe campaign raised over $2,000 to cover her travel and medical expenses.

Now back home, Ashes is recuperating and slowly reintegrating with her family, including her feline sibling Rex and new animal companions. The Cilleys may never unravel the mystery of Ashes’s odyssey to Florida, but they’re overjoyed at her return.

This heartwarming story underscores the importance of microchipping pets, proving that even after years apart, families can be reunited with their lost loved ones. Ashes’s tale is a testament to hope, resilience, and the unbreakable bond between pets and their families.

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Feature Image: GoFundMe