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School Closure Caused by ‘Bobcat’ Reveals Uncommon Housecat Instead

Here’s yet another reason to celebrate the awesomeness of cats… they might just get you a day off from school!

Need evidence? Consider the clever cat that managed to secure an unexpected day off for students at a Pennsylvania high school.

The week kicked off normally at West Scranton High School until an unexpected visitor led to an unplanned dismissal. School authorities, mistaking a stray cat for a potentially dangerous bobcat, decided to play it safe and sent everyone home to avoid any risks.

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Melissa McTiernan, the Scranton School District Superintendent, praised the decision to evacuate, telling WNEP-TV:

“This was certainly unexpected, but I’m proud of how our staff and students calmly exited the building, allowing the experts to come in and handle the situation.”

The school called in animal control, and upon reviewing the surveillance footage, it was clear why they mistook the cat for a bobcat. Given the rarity of bobcats in Pennsylvania, the situation was quite a stir.

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Capturing A Cat

The feline, initially thought to be a dangerous wild cat, turned out to be a domestic one, specifically a Clouded Jack. This rare and exotic breed looks strikingly similar to a bobcat, especially with its docked tail and distinctive markings.
Though not the actual Clouded Jack cat, Jupiter showcases the breed’s unique appearance.

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“Its appearance was deceiving, looking just like a bobcat. To ensure everyone’s safety, we took no chances,” Game Warden Jon Bowman explained to WNEP-TV.

The adventurous Clouded Jack was indeed a missing pet.

Lost and Found

After causing quite the stir, the cat was taken to Golden Pond Animal Society, where a microchip revealed his identity as Kakashi, who had been missing for three months.

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P.J. Regan of Golden Pond shared that Kakashi’s family had been searching for him. His reunion with his owner, Sheanine Johnson, was a joyful moment.

“Kakashi gave us quite the chase, but finding him at West Scranton High was the last thing we expected,” Sheanine said to WNEP-TV.

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P.J. Regan/Facebook

“So, our apologies for the commotion,” she added.

However, it’s safe to say the students were probably not too upset about their unexpected day off, all thanks to Kakashi.
This story not only brought a bit of excitement but also highlighted the importance of microchipping pets, which was key to Kakashi’s safe return home.

H/T: www.people.com
Feature Image: @stacylange/Twitter & P.J. Regan/Facebook