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Bengal Owner Photoshops His Cat Into Sports Themed Pictures

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ome of our members have a great sense of humour! Andrei Salokhin lives in Belarus (Eastern Europe) and like any Bengal cat lover, he has a little lady (born July 5, 2015) that he totally adores. Andrei created these comical Photoshop manipulations featuring Simba herself doing all kinds of sports.

Simba is a 10-months old bengal kitty who became a member of our family at the age of 4 months. She is an incredibly active cat and rarely sits still. Simba is also a very social cat: she doesn’t like being alone and stays with us all the time when we are at home. That’s why we often go for a walk together in the park or forest nearby. It’s not a problem if you have a harness for cat and your kitty lets you put it on him. Outside, Simba likes watching people going in for sports, at home she likes watching TV sports channels, so we decided to fantasize about how Simba imagines herself in sport!

Andrei was kind enough to share these funny pictures with us. Enjoy!

Simba surfing

Simba The Bengal Cat Doing Fitness

Simba The Bengal Roller Skating

Simba Playing Snooker

Simba The Bengal At the Gym

Simba The Bengal Ice Skating

Simba The Bengal Skydiving

Simba The Bengal Playing Basketball

Simba The Bengal Playing Football

Simba the Bengal getting ready to swim

Simba The Bengal in Track & Field

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I'm a little bengal lady born July 5, 2015. From Belarus, Minsk