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GoPro Follows Mylo’s Backyard Adventures

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or Bengal fanatics there isn’t anything more exciting than Bengals having fun and being themselves. That is exactly what you get to see in this video as a stunning Bengal named Mylo explores his backyard while his owner films with a GoPro Hero 4.

The GoPro video starts out with the handsome feline slowly strolling in front of the camera with just the bottom of his face and lower body showing. We see the owner pan over to the kitty who is simply looking out over his domain, before the video cuts out. When the picture flashes back we see the Bengal in all his muscular glory as he climbs up and then down a tree.

No one can argue with the sheer athleticism and beauty of Bengals when they are playing and exploring their environment. The angles in this video give us an interesting perspective on the cat and the way he views his environment and also make for a very artsy video.

For me one of the coolest moments in the video is when we are viewing the Bengal on the wall. He has just descended from the tree and he is looking over his owners head at the world around him. The angle allows us to see the cat’s expressive face as he ponders his next move. Before we know what is happening he jumps. It’s not often that someone is able to perfectly capture a cat jumping over the camera, but this cat’s owner does it beautifully. We are able to see the gorgeous markings on his belly as he gracefully flies over the camera, and then we are back to following him on his adventure.

As the video finishes we get to see a picture of this beloved Bengal with his dad. If you are contemplating getting a Bengal cat of your own it’s important to remember that they are very active cats. Daily mental stimulation and exercise like the cat in this video is getting is a must if you want to have a happy and healthy feline companion.

Enjoy this GoPro cat video!

Emily Bruer
Emily Bruer
Emily has been penning the adventures of her imagination since she was old enough to hold a pencil. Working at animal shelters for the last five years she learned an incredible amount about animal care and behavior. She is currently employed at a vet clinic where she continues her animal education. Emily’s love of animals is evident when you step into her home, which she shares with six dogs and six cats, all of whom were rescues.