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Bengal Cat’s Strength And Agility In Action

[dropcap]K[/dropcap]oru is an adorable one year old marbled Bengal kitten that loves nothing more than play time! In this video we get to see her running all over her house, playing with toys, and even being groomed by her brother Ukee.

At the start of the video we join Koru as she tosses her toy into the air and then acrobatically flips and runs off after it. The mood is set as we listen to “I Like to Move It” by Reel 2 Real and Koru takes off up the stairs with her brother Ukee chasing her. She quickly outdistances him and runs up a cat post that her mom, Kami White customized for her.

The mix of live action with slow motion is super fun as Koru races up the bottom of the post chasing a laser pointer. While all cats are graceful Koru takes grace to a new level as she hangs almost completely upside down without faltering or falling.

One of my favorite parts of the video has to be when Koru decides she wants her bed on the floor instead of the perch. She climbs up her tree, grabs the bed and drags it down to the floor like a leopard who has just caught her prey.

The best part of the video seems to be the ending, where Koru’s big brother Ukee pins her to the floor and begins grooming her. You can see their looks of contentment and hear their happy purrs as the video cuts out.

Bengals are an amazing breed of cat and that becomes evident when you watch this video. Koru’s acrobatics, strength and agility are truly impressive, but she does everything with an amazing grace. As you watch her play with toys and drag along her bed it’s easy to picture her much larger ancestors doing similar things in the wild. While domestic cats have come a long way from their wild ancestors Bengals are much more primal and in tune with their instincts and their wild heritage.

In the comments section of the video Koru’s mom talks about how she customized her house for the cats and about their special diets. As hybrids it is very important the Bengals are fed a very high quality diet, and Kami has found that cans of Weruva cat food seem to be the perfect fit for Koru and Akee.

Kami refers to Koru as “the cat who never sleeps”. She also calls her “golden girl” for her glitter and “peanut” because she is a very small cat.

If you are looking for a laugh and a peek into the primal instincts of Bengals check out this video and enjoy.

Emily Bruer
Emily Bruer
Emily has been penning the adventures of her imagination since she was old enough to hold a pencil. Working at animal shelters for the last five years she learned an incredible amount about animal care and behavior. She is currently employed at a vet clinic where she continues her animal education. Emily’s love of animals is evident when you step into her home, which she shares with six dogs and six cats, all of whom were rescues.