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Pinot Meow? Cat Wine Lets You Toast With Your Feline Buddy

[ads1] [dropcap]F[/dropcap]rom time to time, we all love unwinding with a glass of wine, especially in the company of friends. But, what are you supposed to do if your company is feline rather than human? Drink alone?

Well, thanks to Brandon Zavalla and his company, Apollo Peak, your furry friend can enjoy a glass of wine of its own, whether it’s a glass of the Pinot Meow or White Kittendel.

Pinot Meow

The line of cleverly named, feline-friendly booze, however, does not contain any alcohol. Instead, your kitty will be feasting on liquid catnip, colored by organic red beet.

Of course, we all know how much cats love catnip, and the funny reactions they have when they get a whiff of this herb. So, what makes catnip wine different?

Read more to find out!

The First Cat Wine: Nyan Nyan Nouveau

From Maneki Neko the Fortune Cat, dozens of cat cafes and even cat islands, Japan doesn’t hide its love for all things feline. Therefore, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that the first cat wine ever was created in this kitty loving country.

Nyan Nyan Nouveau, that translates to Meow Meow Nouveau, first appeared in 2013. The wine for cats was made from grape juice, Vitamin C, and catnip, which, although it was non-alcoholic, still raised some red flags.

Grapes are considered to be toxic for dogs, as they may cause kidney failure, and the newest studies indicate that cats are at risk, too.  So, even though the idea was great, the end product turned out to be potentially unsafe for cats.

Apollo Peak Cat Wine Gets A Shark Tank Deal

After a year of taste tests and refinement of the original recipe, Brandon Zavalla launched The Pinot Meow, the first of many designer beverages for cats and dogs that his company, Apollo Peak, is currently offering.

Made from all-natural and organic ingredients, these snack wines instantly became a hit.

From cute packaging to witty names (The Catbernet, The Meowmosa, The CharDOGnay… shall I go on?), pet parents found it hard to resist buying a furry-friendly version of their favorite drink.

Shark Tank Pinot Meow Cat Wine

What started as a small startup in Denver, is now a large brewery facility in Golden, CO, with over 75,000 bottles sold worldwide. The company even intrigued investor and wine lover Kevin O’Leary (aka. Mr. Wonderful) from the reality show Shark Tank, who decided to invest in this cat wine business.

Booze, Rappers And… Cats?

You probably never expected to see these three words in the same sentence. What can possibly be the connection?

Well, when you’re making a promotional video for a kitty wine, it’s only logical to include an artist that devoted his career to cats. That’s why Moshow, a feline-loving rapper was the first choice.

Although we are used to rappers featuring champagne, wine and other booze in their videos, for a rapper that raps about cats exclusively, it’s only natural to showcase wine for cats.

And I must admit, the unusual combination was a complete spot on.

What The Reviews Have To Say About Cat Wine

Apart from Apollo Peak Cat Wine and Nyan Nyan Noveau, your pampered furball can enjoy a glass of Purrgundy from Pet’s Brewery. As it seems, the market for faux alcohol for cats and dogs is set for expansion in the next year.

But what do the real consumers, aka cats and dogs, have to say about this?

Although the idea of your cat sipping red cat wine might seem adorable, there is always a 50-50 percent chance your picky feline will not like this unusual treat. Cats are notorious as picky and spoiled when it comes to their food, so the opinions on this product have varied.

According to the reviews on Amazon and social medias, the fine palates of felines still haven’t decided. As it’s usually the case with most cat products on the market, for some kitties it’s a hit, and for others a total miss.

Is Cat Wine Safe For Cats?

Of course, the primary concern of every pet parent is if the product is safe for their pets to use. The two U.S. based companies that produce wine for cats, Pet’s Brewery and Apollo Peak, both use natural, organic ingredients that are safe to give to your four-legged family members.

The most important ingredient both cat wineries use is catnip. This perennial herb attracts cats and offers them the closest experience they could have without having alcohol. Which is, basically, feeling relaxed, or going a bit crazy, depending on the mood for the evening.

If you’re not sure how your cat will react to catnip, take a look at our comprehensive guide explaining what catnip does to cats.

The rest of the ingredients include cat-safe supplements and products, such as salmon oil, sea salt, organic beet or valerian root.

Can Cats Drink Alcohol?

It should go without saying, but it’s worth mentioning just in case, pets should never drink alcohol. Not even a sip. There is a reason why Catbernet and The Meowtini came to exist, and that’s because real alcohol can be potentially lethal to your cat or dog.

These are just some of the effects alcohol can have on cats, according to veterinarians:
[tie_list type=”cons”]

  • Liver Damage
  • Kidney Damage
  • Alcohol Poisoning
  • Coma
  • Death


Do Cats Like Catnip Wine?

It’s hard (not to say impossible) to predict what a cat is going to like. Some kitties go nuts for fish, others can’t stand it. Some cats will only eat one brand of food.

The same applies to wine for cats. Even if your kitty usually likes catnip, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will fall in love with its liquid version. Cats are unpredictable and enigmatic.

But that’s why we love them, right?

What to Choose, Red or White? Purrgundy or White Kittendel?

It’s highly likely your cat will act like a sommelier when you offer her some cat wine, given how they usually act when something new is introduced to their diet. They won’t dip their whiskers into anything!

Even though all the existing cat wines on the market might look exactly the same to you, except for the packaging and color, your kitty will be able to notice the subtle differences in taste and smell.

For example, Meowsling is infused with catnip and enriched with salmon oil. The Catbernet, in addition to the catnip, includes organic red beet for coloring and a splash of peppermint. For the cocktail-loving cats out there, you can get a Meowgarita, made from yellow organic beets, lemongrass and sea salt.

Another company named Pet Winery also introduced Meow & Chandon, a catnip infused bottle of champagne complete with the gold foil around the top.

Meow & Chandon Catnip Champagne

In the end, choosing the right cat beverage is a trial and error process, same as it is with humans.

Will Cat Wine Get My Feline Drunk?

Well, it depends on how your cat reacts to catnip. And what “being drunk” means, of course.

The most common reaction to liquid catnip is instant relaxation. Most cats will feel calm and sleepy, so it’s a great way to help anxious kitties relax.

Some cats will act a bit funny and silly, rolling around on the floor and making weird sounds… which sounds a bit like us humans, doesn’t it?

And, of course, there are cats that are immune to catnip charms. Whether it’s a hereditary trait or a consequence to overexposure to catnip, some kitties just won’t be impressed with this bottled treat.

How Should I Serve Cat Wine?

As they are not making fancy wine glasses for felines (yet), you should pour the catnip wine in your pet’s food bowl. Cats dislike cold food and drink, so make sure the cat wine is room temperature when you offer it to your kitty.

In most cases, cats will be attracted by the catnip smell, and start lapping the wine. But, for those finicky felines, sipping a bit of gravy from a can of cat food will do the trick. The combo of their favorite food and catnip scent is bound to make their mouths water!

Is Wine For Cats Just A Fad Or A Promising Product?

When they first hear about it, most people wonder if wine for cats is even a real thing. For some people, it sounds silly to buy an alcohol-free version of their favorite drink for their feline. But to some, it’s a fun way to get their cat in a calm, relaxed state, that comes in a cute bottle and has a catchy name.

What do you think?

Is cat wine a perfect way to share one of your activities with your furry friend, or is it just a passing trend?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

Angela Vuckovic
Angela Vuckovic
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