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Spaying Neutering Bengal Cat

Spaying or Neutering Your Bengal Cat: Things You Should Know

Spaying or neutering your Bengal cat is one of the greatest gifts you can give your family and your beloved pet. You probably already...

This Beach-Loving Bengal Cat Will Skimboard His Way Into Your Heart!

Although cats are notorious water-haters, there are a few remarkable exceptions that always impress us! Boomer is a Bengal cat who loves to spend his...
Best Harness and Leash

The Best Cat Harness and Leash in 2022

Your Comprehensive Guide to the Best Cat Harness and Leash in 2022 Have you taken your cat for a walk lately? Yes, it's a thing! If you...
Best Flea Treatment For Cats

Best Flea Treatment For Cats in 2022

Do you suspect your cat has fleas? Or, do you simply want to ensure your cat doesn’t get fleas to start with? Either way, you’ve...
Mousr, intelligent robotic cat toy with a Bengal cat

Mousr Review: The First Intelligent Robotic Cat Toy that Moves Like a Real Prey

Mousr is the most engaging interactive toy to challenge your cat like a real prey does! We as cat owners have a tendency to forget...
Signs of Diabetes in Cats

7 Warning Signs of Feline Diabetes in Cats

Older and obese cats are prone to developing diabetes mellitus or feline diabetes, according to an experienced veterinary hospital. Just like human diabetes, the...
Feline Environmental Enrichment for Indoor Cats

Feline Environmental Enrichment – The Basics

Pay attention, Bengal lovers.  This is the important stuff. When we bring these exquisite predators indoors, we are protecting them. But, we are also depriving them...

UPDATE: Kurt Zouma Sentenced After Pleading Guilty To Abusing Bengal Cats

Bengal cats, Bonbon and Cherie, have received justice after Kurt Zouma kicked, slapped, and further terrorized them in a video that went viral in...