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Cheetoh Cat

Cheetoh Cat: Breed Information & Overview

 If you are in love with exotic cat breeds like the Bengal, chances are you already heard about the Cheetoh cat, a pedigree cat...
List of the Top 8 Long Haired Cat Breeds

List of the Top 8 Long Haired Cat Breeds

If you're looking for a little fluff-ball of love, a long haired cat breed may be perfect for you. But like all types of...
Should I let my Bengal outside

Should I Let My Cat Outside? Especially a Bengal?

A very controversial topic in the Bengal cat community is whether or not you should let your Bengal outside. As I understand it, some...

Machine Gun Kelly And Megan Fox Become Pawrents To Bengal Kitten

Just two months ago, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox announced their engagement, and now, they’ve expanded their family. Their new addition is simply...

10 Days After Getting Lost At Sea, Bengal Cat Miraculously Reunites With Family

Like most Bengal cats, Luchs craves adventure and loves water. But this one-year-old Bengal girl doesn't just have a passing fancy for the water....

31 Of The Most Popular Cat Breeds, Plus 5 Rare Felines

Over forty-two million American households know the joy of living with a cat, according to Best Friends Animal Society. And within those feline domiciles...
Cat Kneading

Why Do Cats Knead And What Does It Mean?

Cats are perplexing creatures, and, as such, they do many things we don’t always understand. If you have a feline in your life, you’ve...
Bengal Cats Celebrities

Bengal Cats That Own Celebrities

The Bengal cat is probably the most popular breed worldwide and a lot of celebrities own them. Because of their appeal and cachet,...