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Two Bengals Fascinated By Bidet’s Random Spurts Of Water

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]ost cat owners dread bath time with their four-legged friends. And why wouldn’t they? Most cats hate water, so the instant they realize that they’re going into the tub, they get into flight or fight mode. Which, in both cases, includes a lot of angry meowing, scratching and biting. However, for Bengal cat owners, things are completely different. These leopard-like kitties love water so much that their humans actually struggle to keep them away from places like sinks or toilets.

A perfect example of the Bengal cat’s curiosity and fondness of water is this video of Sammy and Ella, a pair of Bengals that discover what a delight bidet is. Bathrooms are guaranteed to tempt and intrigue any Bengal cat, but having a bidet in your home is a surefire way to make your Bengal become obsessed with it. I mean, instead of boring sinks, showers or toilets, this little thing actually shoots out fresh water? No self-respecting Bengal can say no to that.

Naturally, these two Bengal cats were completely enthralled. Their patience and anticipation of the next water blast are super adorable, but the funniest thing is, hands down, when one of the Bengals miscalculates and gets the water right into their face! Of course, this doesn’t impact their resolve (I actually suspect it strengthened it) and the kitties continue waiting for the next blast. One of the cats just shakes it off, before positioning right in front of the water stream, ready to get wet again.

It’s funny how unique Bengals are, especially when it comes to their fascination with water. Bengal cats are known to be quite skilled sailors, daring surfers (link to the surfing article) and skimboarders. When they’re not sailing the seas or conquering rivers, these leopard-like cats will be content to explore the wonders of your bathroom, help you do the dishes (granted, not in the way you would want them to), or just use their water bowl for playing rather than drinking from it. Whether you’re happy about it or not, there’s no doubt that your Bengal cat will find its way to the nearest source of fresh water to play in!

You must admit that, even though sometimes Bengal’s mischievous ways can be overwhelming, this video is absolutely adorable and funny. Sammy’s and Ella’s curiosity and playfulness are bound to make you laugh, and maybe even tempt you to install a bidet for your own Bengal!

Angela Vuckovic
Angela Vuckovic
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